This is Why Nana Is Insanely Good Right Now (SUB CC)

Hey guys, so Nana has become quite popular lately. She used to be a troll pick. But now, she is an extremely good choice. The good thing about her is that role is very flexible. You can play her as a support, mage carry or even as an offlaner. She will do just fine. Unfortunately, […]

LEC Pop Quiz – Removed Items

– So I’m gonna give you some items that were removed from the game. Okay. – And you need to tell me what they were called. Okay. Oh, this is- No, okay! Okay, this is hard. I don’t, like- Ooh! – I know you’ve played League for awhile. Okay, I pretty much know all of […]

AGO Halloween Board Game Rules

AGO Halloween board game extension offers a new way to use AGO Halloween cards. The goal of the game is to form straight lines of four or more chips the longer the straight line you form the more points you get. Deal seven cards and about twenty-five chips of a unique color to each player. […]

KUKA presents “Timo Boll — The Spin of Life”, Part 3 Teaser Trailer

I’ll never forget that for as long as I live. We were at the European Youth Championships and I said, I’ve got a feeling he could become the European Champion. And they had a big laugh about it back at home in Höchst. They thought I was crazy. Back then Horst Bitsch already said to […]

Dans la Tête d’un Pro : Pierre Calamusa aux WSOP 2019 (5)

KUKA presents “Timo Boll — The Spin of Life”, Part 2: First Steps

He is an outstanding figure in German sports. Every tournament in the run-up to the Olympic Games is important now. Not just your competition results, but also your form. I heard somewhere that the German Open is the most star-studded World TT tournament of all time. It’s our home tournament and there are so many […]

Janna Top New Meta?! | #LEC Newsflash Week 7

How do you do fellow kids? Ender here, back with a new episode of Newsflash. Week 7 was all about the playoff race for the top six beginning to shape up. So let’s dive in. Newsflash All eyes were on G2 this week as they took on both Origen and Fnatic. And after slipping up […]

KUKA presents “TIMO BOLL – The Spin of Life”, Part 1: Know Your Roots

He is an outstanding personality in German sports. So, let’s have a look into this gem here: the good old training hall of Höchst where it all started. Yeah, it’s kind of like my own living room. Since there are usually other sports here in the afternoon, I often have to set up and take […]

Dans la Tête d’un Pro : Pierre Calamusa aux WSOP 2019 (4)