Fantastic Beasts Trailer Quiz

More like “Yumbledore,” am I right?( music playing )Last week, the much buzzed-about trailer for “Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald” dropped and everybody was talking about it except me, because I did not watch it. That’s right, Link doesn’t watch a lot of things. We’re actually not sure what he does with his […]

Yu-Gi-Oh! 8-3 bolla YCS Milano deck profile Vero Re Dinosauro! Marco Mittica

BrainAdda The Live Trivia Quiz Game II Play with winning chance 110%II

imagine you’ll be a millionaire one day how just by answering ten simple questions introducing the brain adda app in brain adda you can win millions in just 10 minutes how let’s check for each question you have 15 seconds to answer just tap on the correct answer and you win and if you don’t […]

HUGE!! 9 POINT BUCK TAKEN WITH A RECURVE BOW – Traditional Whitetail Deer Bow Hunting – 2019 Archery

Saturday November 2nd pretty cold morning this morning I was about 23 degrees by myself this morning try to do some self filming we’re gonna drill cameras all summer there’s been some pretty decent bunk in here so awesome basically doing is walking around to have some scrapes on manchas that law degree two days […]

HOW TO: Keep Your Art Motivation

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel I’m Ludosketches and today I’m going to talk about ways to keep you motivated to draw and make art the illustration I’m drawing right now is one that really made me think about this topic as It really helped to get my spark going and I hope it […]

A Call for Content Creators to CC!

*Silence* Oh sorry, you couldn’t hear me? Well, sucks for you. Did that strike you as rude? Well, unfortunately, that kind of attitude is pretty common nowadays. 🎶Energetic music🎶 This world of ours is definitely flawed. We have a lot of biases and we like to cater to what we define as “normal”. Some of […]

Karam – New Social Short Film With English Subtitles | Double Click | 2019

What’s the problem with him? He’s been creating unwanted nuisance I am so scared to allow our daughter out nowadays * indistinct chatter * Don’t these problems have an end ? Life, it itself is the biggest problem. Amid our day to day routine life, take a pause, and look around you, be it a […]