Mom and Baby Yoga – Do you know the benefits?

Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap – Dance Improv – Mia Falso

Where are we? What the hell is going on? The dust has only just begun to form Crop circles in the carpet Sinking, feeling Spin me around again And rub my eyes This can’t be happening When busy streets A mess with people Would stop to hold their heads heavy Hide and seek Trains and […]

We Try Snake Yoga

– ( laughter ) – ( groans )( music playing )Yoga has long been practiced by advanced gurus as a physical and spiritual exercise that has intense effects on the mind, body, and soul. But apparently that is not enough, so people are doing stuff like adding goats and calling it goat yoga but as […]

1986-0125 Puja Talk, Madras, India

Please be seated. Madras is known for perfect rituals about puja and that is how in the growth of our awareness even towards God and towards the rituals we have moved from reality. As they say the tree of awareness grows downwards so in the West it grew towards materialism, grew towards something that was […]

🔴 MUST WATCH: Indian INVENTIONS and DISCOVERIES That You Won’t Believe Are TRUE!

everything you see around you, was either invented or discovered by someone in some part of this world and without these inventions and discoveries our world would not have been the one we witness today and while the mainstream media actively highlights only one side of the story like nearly half of Indians living in […]

Stretchy Yoga I Yoga for kids I Kids Education | Indian Culture | Jalebi Street | Full Episode

Narrator: It is early Morning on Jalebi Street. Deep breathing sound Mummaaa….eh? Deep breathing sound continues.. Mom Mom Mom…..(Knock on the door) Mom…. Ahh..! Eh?? Ahhh? Giggling.. Ohh…hmmm Mom…. Bubble…shhhhh Hmm…ahhh..? Woooaaaaaaaaaaaahhh… Funny music….. Bubble..Trouble…….. What are you doing?? What were you doing Mumma?? I was doing yoga! Yoga??? What’s that??? Yoga is an exercise.. […]

Buddha and Ashoka: Crash Course World History #6

Hi, my name is John Green; you’re watching Crash Course World History and today we’re going to talk about India, which is hard because: A. I only have 10 minutes… Past John: Mr. Green, Mr. Green! Present John: I don’t have time for you today, Me from the Past! B. When we study history we […]

Sadhguru: “Developing an Inclusive Consciousness” | Talks At Google

[MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] JONATHAN BERENT: Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Jonathan Berent, and I’ll be your host today. Thank you so much for coming. Thanks to those that are on the livestream today as well. We live in dynamic times. Never before has a generation been so assaulted by the images from the media, […]