How to solve the snake cube puzzle

Here’s how to solve one of these snake cube puzzles. The first thing is to unwind it so it’s all one straight line. This one is a bit more precise. Typically it might look a little bit like this because there’s a lot of slack inside but I’ll show you how to solve this one. […]

Woodturning Cable Keeper – Simple Look – ?? Execution

Hi, Alan Stratton, from As Wood Turns ( For this project, I thought, Let’s make a cable saver. You know, the thing that manages all the cables that go to and from the computer. And there is a lot of cables there. So, I though well, How do I make that sort of thing in […]

WOOD FINISHING: Glass-Smooth Results With Polyurethane

one of the biggest challenges of woodworking is finishing if Sometimes a lot easier to do a good project until you get to the finishing part And that’s where disappointment often sets in. This is especially true If you’re working in a home shop And you’re applying a finish with a brush so I want […]

Making of an Dice Game Board part 5

My lens have fogged up on me. The joys of humidity and air conditioner in the summer! anyway, let’s finish up this dice board. let’s get to it. These bands here… I’m gonna put around the cup. They really serve no purpose other than just to be decorative. This leather is real old and real […]

How to make flat boards straight, smooth and square (stock preparation part 2) | Paul Sellers

One of the things that we do when we go to the lumberyard and we’re picking our wood we try to pick boards that are flat straight and that’s not going to really be very possible mostly especially if you’re buying rough boards like this where it’s been bandsawn or circular sawn and usually but […]

How to Make a Workbench Episode 2 | Paul Sellers

when you’ve got your trestles in place your laminated top ready to go you might want to work on the underside because this will ensure you don’t damage the top all I’m going to do is clamp here and clamp here you might spin this around you can put it elongated underneath whatever you want […]

124 – How to Fix a Cracked or Split Cutting Board

Marc:The Wood Whisperer is brought to you by POWERMATIC the gold standard since 1921, and by Rockler Woodworking and Hardware, Create with Confidence. Without a doubt the end grain cutting board is the most popular project here at the Wood Whisperer. So I feel it’s my responsibility to let you know what could happen to […]

76 – Examining Past Projects for Wood Movement

Marc:Today I’m going to serve myself a big, heaping spoonful of humble pie, as I bring some of my favorite projects back into the shop and see how they faired over time. (groovy brass music) I remember when I first started woodworking how disappointed I was when I noticed that joints that were nice and […]

How to make a wooden box – 269

Giving a gift that you make typically means more to the person receiving it than if you were to just give something that you purchased So in this video. I’m going to make a few gift boxes to give out as gifts for Christmas I’m using curly maple and what I think is spalted soft […]

Fun strategy game to make and play: Quoridor. Great gift idea!

Like all of us the best day of my life was when I finally got to meet the reigning world champion of Quoridor: Microjig. Maker of the GRR-RIPPER. Work safer.Work smarter. Before I get started on this week’s project, I want to take just a moment to invite you all over to the brand new […]