The Gaming Dining Table

(upbeat music) – My wife and I are big gamers, so when it came time to build a new dining room table, I took it as an opportunity to make something multifunctional. Something that would be just as good to eat from, as it would be to play just about any type of board game […]

Handcrafted Ping Pong Paddles – Why Not?!

I’m starting by cutting veneers for each paddle These are cut with ease on my fully restored 1925 bandsaw The veneers are cut to a thickness of 3/32″ I’m using my wide belt sander to smooth the veneers and remove the saw marks from the bandsaw You can also use a hand plane or cabinet […]

Ultimate Workbench / Table Saw Outfeed Table | Woodworking Project

finally done you guys see this thing you see this for about the six years I’ve been doing this or so I’ve essentially just been throwing together outfeed tables in my first shop it was like a piece of plywood on some some sticks last shop I had this whole four by eight foot thing […]

Quiz Game Buttons // How-To

Hey I’m bob and I like to make stuff Today I’m going to show you how I made this 4 player quiz game From another project I had several strips of excess plywood so I ripped them down into 4.5″ strips then I held those strips up against the blade and set my stop block. […]

How to solve the snake cube puzzle

Here’s how to solve one of these snake cube puzzles. The first thing is to unwind it so it’s all one straight line. This one is a bit more precise. Typically it might look a little bit like this because there’s a lot of slack inside but I’ll show you how to solve this one. […]

Woodturning Cable Keeper – Simple Look – ?? Execution

Hi, Alan Stratton, from As Wood Turns ( For this project, I thought, Let’s make a cable saver. You know, the thing that manages all the cables that go to and from the computer. And there is a lot of cables there. So, I though well, How do I make that sort of thing in […]

WOOD FINISHING: Glass-Smooth Results With Polyurethane

one of the biggest challenges of woodworking is finishing if Sometimes a lot easier to do a good project until you get to the finishing part And that’s where disappointment often sets in. This is especially true If you’re working in a home shop And you’re applying a finish with a brush so I want […]

Making of an Dice Game Board part 5

My lens have fogged up on me. The joys of humidity and air conditioner in the summer! anyway, let’s finish up this dice board. let’s get to it. These bands here… I’m gonna put around the cup. They really serve no purpose other than just to be decorative. This leather is real old and real […]

How to make flat boards straight, smooth and square (stock preparation part 2) | Paul Sellers

One of the things that we do when we go to the lumberyard and we’re picking our wood we try to pick boards that are flat straight and that’s not going to really be very possible mostly especially if you’re buying rough boards like this where it’s been bandsawn or circular sawn and usually but […]

How to Make a Workbench Episode 2 | Paul Sellers

when you’ve got your trestles in place your laminated top ready to go you might want to work on the underside because this will ensure you don’t damage the top all I’m going to do is clamp here and clamp here you might spin this around you can put it elongated underneath whatever you want […]