Going to Hogwarts with the Kardashians

– [Kris] Girls, I’ve got something for you. – What the hell is this? – I think they’re very special letters addressed specifically for– (whimsical music) What are you doing? – Whatever it is, we don’t want it. – But you didn’t even look at them. – Reading takes too much time. – Who even […]

Lunch Break Snake – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Is he one of them? [Music] His little tail is in a spiral. Hello Andy this is Eddie. Just calling cause we saw a snake in the back of headquarters and we were wondering if you’d like to see it too. What do you do when you see a snake and you don’t know what […]

Alex Trebek Creates a FOOTBALL Category | JEOPARDY!

– Now last year, we had some difficulty with the Football category. So we thought we would try it again, but in this category, it deals entirely with referees’ signals. And I’m going to be giving you three players the signals. Okay? – Let’s do Football for 200. – All right, offensive teams love to […]

Minecraft: Christmas Hide And Seek Multiplayer

Oh Tim didn’t he’s here when he starts hitting us when he ain’t about to hit us hit him 3 2 1 go go go go dad you gotta get over oh my gosh what’s going on guys Dallas here along with Denton and woods and in today’s video we are going to playing some […]

Justin Bieber Answers Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

We’re back. And I want to play Burning Questions. But I need someone to play with. Luckily, we always have celebrities wandering around backstage. Please welcome my friend Justin Bieber. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] I don’t know what we’re doing. What are we doing? [LAUGHS] What are we doing? What are we doing? What are we […]

LEC Pop Quiz – 15 Second Challenge

Next we’re going to do a 15 second challenge. Oh what a challenge. LEC POP QUIZ 15 SECOND CHALLENGE I want you to give me champions that start with the letter “T”. Go. What? Is there even any champion beginning with “T”? Uhh… Tryndamere! Umm… Tryndamere… and Tryndamere, I don’t know. Okay, you have Tahm […]

If Cute Babies Competed in the Winter Games | Olympic Channel

The Baby Winter Games are back. So get ready, because we have an epic day of truly shocking moments, heartbreak, and triumph. First up, curling. Sweden versus Canada. Both teams throwing the rock extremely well, but who can handle the pressure? What a shot! Even he can’t believe it. Now, the Canadians. Oh, no, what […]

Knight Moves 1992 Christopher Lambert Full Movie HD

Check! Check!The pressures and demands players of your son’s ability…place on themselves to win are incredible.I can’t afford to keep him in here forever.I just want to keep him overnight and then start with a child psychologist. I knew this would happen. His mother’s not strict enough with him. She lies in bed drunk all […]

[MV] A-Jax(에이젝스) _ Snake(능구렁이)

Yeah~hoo! We back again (A-Jax!) What’s up sweetie What’s up girl (What’s up girl?) Hahaha Baby girl you. Where are you going? (Wow) Come closer to me (Wow) Knowing only you, I am not a beast I don’t have any special thoughts (Girl!) My Body leads me (U know?) If you don’t like it, just […]