LAST TO LEAVE Giant Ball Pit in Snow Wins $10,000! (Game Master Hidden Clues & Rebecca Zamolo Twin)

Haytham fam in our last video we decided to trust the gamemaster and did what the gamemaster said for 24 hours and that was after a Rebecca Zamolo twin broke into our house and saw her on surveillance footage we both ended up opening a silver and a slack box and inside Apple watches which […]

Reggae Shark™

♪ Gonna tell you da story Of a reggae shark. There are hundreds of sharks livin’ under da sea. Great whites, hammerheads, and white tip reefs. But the one shark Discovery always leave out is the dreadlock Rasta fish I’m talkin’ about. Reggae Shark! Reggae Shark is real. Reggae Shark! Him got a band with […]

Grandmothers go underwater to uncover population of lethal sea snakes

Grandmothers are very supportive to me, to my work and I know that they are special. I realise that every day when I meet them and it’s nice to have people that are not scientists to get so much interest in the results of my work.

How to make chalk carving chess Bishop

Drop the chalk in water Remove the sharpener blade Carve the wet chalk as shown The bishop is ready Like and Subscribe to DIY Ocean

What Is ‘Nisargachi Dhamaal Shala’? | Paani Foundation School Project | निसर्गाची धमाल शाळा

Nisargachi Dhamal Shala To overcome drought in Maharashtra for the last three years Paani Foundation has been organising the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup. Through the medium of a training program, thousands of villages have been imparted with the science of watershed development. Gradually, the Water Cup became a people’s movement. Many villages effectively used this […]

Crocodiles Can Climb Trees: Researchers In Climbing Study Observed

Most people entering crocodile territory keep a wary eye out on water and land, but research suggests they need to look up. Though the reptiles lack obvious physical features to suggest this is possible, crocodiles in fact climb trees all the way to the crowns, according to University of Tennessee researcher Vladimir Dinets. Researchers in […]

Australia – After School Snake – Water World International Children’s Film Festival 2012

After School Snake Thank God school is over It’s so hot! Let’s go to the pool Hey, do you know how much it is to get into the pool? Ah…I think two dollars fifty God, it’s terribly hot. We should put our hats on Yes, we should Hey girls, how are you today? Good thank […]


Scattered throughout the country are thousands of abandoned mines. Many of these sites date from the 1800’s…some have been closed and sealed off for public safety; however, many others are still open and can be deadly to an unsuspecting explorer. Oh, check it out! It’s really neat inside. Come on, this is going to be […]

अजवायन का पानी अपनाए और मोटापे से छुटकारा पाए | 15 दिनों में 5 kg वजन कम करने का रामबाण नुस्खा

Loose Weight Fast 5 kg in Just 15 Days using Thyme Water Thyme water 15 days in 5 kg can. This could relieve cheaper and obesity panacea measure Using oregano not only houses are used as spices But minor stomach drinking also is away from using After eating, you can make it be mixed with […]