🔊Train Your IQ With VR Mind Games 🎮 Fun Riddles With Voice

A secret police department held an experiment. The captain wanted to hire people using VR. It’s 2020 right?! There were 4 candidates (John, Richard, Harry and Michael). Each of them was given a different task. Whoever completed it could count on a job in the department. Let’s see if you can solve these hard riddles […]

Learn English Tenses: PAST CONTINUOUS

Welcome to this class on the past continuous tense, which is also called the past progressive tense. Now, this class is part of the series created by EngVid to help you learn and start using all of the English verb tenses one by one. So, the past continuous tense is used quite often in English, […]

Brain Games 🔉 That’ll Puzzle Your Brain To The MAX🧩

You never know what crazy experiences or extreme situations you might face in the future! Well, solving riddles doesn’t just improve your brain. It also helps you find your way out of bizarre situations. Our riddles train your brain to react quickly and think outside the box, even when the pressure level is way, way up. What if you witness a robbery or have to stop […]

David Beckham: My Unfair Advantage | Play Without Fear

The only thing I could hear was the drum of our fans. It’s a red card for David Beckham! He’s kicked out and now he’s out of the game. It was pretty lonely in the changing room, it was a lonely 20 minutes. I knew that I obviously wouldn’t play in the next game, but […]

TIMO BOLL – The Spin of Life Part 1: Know Your Roots

He is an outstanding personality in German sports. So, let’s have a look into this gem here: the good old training hall of Höchst where it all started. Yeah, it’s kind of like my own living room. Since there are usually other sports here in the afternoon, I often have to set up and take […]

Odell Beckham Jr. Plays Start, Bench, Cut with B/R in Miami

It’s Odell Beckham Jr., we’re playin’ Start Bench Cut. I’m gonna be given a category— I’mma have to pick one to start, one to bench and one to cut. I’mma start, you know, I’m from New Orleans so, “Tha Carter III,” I’mma start it. I’mma bench “The Blueprint” cuz it was— it’s up there. And, […]

How A Game Of Chess Saved Bernstein’s Life During The Red Terror

This is Russian chess master Ossip Bernstein, who crossed swords with the strongest chess players of his era and played his immortal game at the age of 72. But before reaching the old age it was his chess skills that saved his life while still being young and gave the start of his adventurous lifelong […]

100 People Describe Their First Kiss | Keep it 100 | Cut

– [Cameraman] Describe your first kiss. – I think it was after a party in high school on a bean bag and his dad busted into the party and actually took him off. (laughs) It was really scarring. (orchestral music) – [Cameraman] Tell me about your first kiss. – My first kiss. – Ugh. – […]

Why Do People Lie? Test Your IQ!

Big corporations employ a lot of people. That means a lot of jobs of course! But when you get a lot of people in one place, there’s always the chance that something…illegal might happen. Let’s face it, the more people work together, the more crimes there’ll be, from tiny little ones, to big and serious crimes. Today we’re talking about detective level riddles and puzzles! […]

Tik Tok stars Chase Hudson & Avani Gregg REACT to their Tik Toks

– Gosh. – I thought I deleted this. I don’t know what it’s still up, I thought I deleted it. – I’m actually lost. – I ordered a huge box of a thousand plastic babies. Hey guys, I’m Avani Gregg. – And I’m Chase Hudson. – And you’re watching AwesomenessTV. And we’re about to play […]