Chess Candidates 2014 – Day 2 – The Redemption of Aronian

Hello everybody, it’s jrobi! We have had a HUGE huge day the Chess Candidates 2014, we are going to be taking a look at 3 games today, we have had 3 victors coming out of day 2! And the first game we are going to take a look at quickly here is Kramnik versus Karjakin. […]

The World Chess Champion Faces A Shocking Sacrifice

Hello YouTube Chess Strategy here and I have a mind-blowing a taking game for you played by Armenian Grandmaster Vladimir Akopian His opponent is Vladimir Kramnik who at the time of this game was that classical World Chess Champion this game was played in 2004 at Chorus tournament. Now let’s see what happened on the […]

Magnus Carlsen was calming down Topalov after a chess game!

Let’s see the video. Carlsen asks Topalov: “Didn’t you see a win of peace? Topalov said:” What? ” Carlsen asks again: “You could win a peace on the 45th move. ” And then he explains how it could be happen. Let’s look at the board. The game played in 2014, the Sinquefield Cup. Carlsen played […]