Magnus carlsen Vs Viswanathan Anand | Grenke Chess Classic (2019) | Round-3

Hello and welcome to my youtube channel, today we are going to analyze a game played between Magus Carlsen & Viswanathan Anand. In the Grenke Chess 2019, So Carlsen Playing white, he plays, He plays c4 and anand replies with e5 g3 by Carlsen, qe2 because and please III and c5 Anna now godson Castle […]

Chess Candidates 2014 – Day 3 – Symphony of Errors

Hello everybody, it’s jrobi! On day 3 of Chess Candidates 2014 we had a spectacular collapse in the day’s only win. Let’s take a look now at at Mamedyarov versus “The Assassin” Anand! Anand is playing black, Mamedyarov is playing white. White opens up with Queen’s pawn to D4, and we get into basically a […]

LONG STORY SHORT WITH LESLIE WILCOX: Viswanathan Anand – Five-time Reigning World Chess Champion

So when youíre playing chess, how many moves ahead are you thinking? Depends on the position. We usually compare it to a tree. So, if thereís a straight tree, very few branches or no branches, then you can go very, very far. So, essentially, if I have one move, you have one response, I have […]

Magnus Carlsen vs Vishy Anand – 2013 World Chess Championship – Game 10

Hi everyone it’s Jerry. This is round 10 from the 2013 World Chess Championship match between Anand and Carlsen. Going into this round Carlsen has a 6 to 3 lead over Anand. And Carlsen with the white pieces in this one opened with e4. And for the first time in the match we get to […]

Chess: Vishy Anand appreciated the nobility of Baadur Jobava!

This chess game was played in the World Blitz Championship in the seventh round. Vishy Anand played White, Baadur Jobava played black. In The position on the screen White moved Bb2 black protect the knight with move c5, white played B:d4. c:d followed, Qb3 and it turns out, that Black can not defend the d5-pawn […]

Grandmaster Chess Tactics #3: Can you spot the line?

Hello everybody it is jrobi again with another Grandmaster Chess Tactics video that I wanted to post. And it is from a recent match actually. It was played in 2007. Anand, the current World Chess Champion now was playing white in this position and Morozevich was playing black. At the time of the match Anand […]

CHESS TRICKS- win in 7 moves BY sacrificing your queen- 7 चालों में काम करें तमाम.

hello friends.your are welcome to who becomes a chess master 🙂 so we have come with new trick named take the queen give me the king so the ultimate aim of this trick is that we will offer such a big deal to opponent that he or she cant refuse opponent will say boss you […]

Magnus Carlsen vs. Vishy Anand – 2012 Chess Masters Final – Bilbao

Hi everyone, it’s Jerry. This is a game from the Chess Masters Final in Bilbao. Round 9 between the World’s #1 player, Magnus Carlsen, and the current World Chess Champion, Vishy Anand. Carlsen on the white end kicking off with e4. Anand choosing the Sicilian. After knight f3, d6 and bishop b5, bishop d7 we […]