Snake Man: ULTIMATE Robot Master?! – Got A Minute?

Are you looking for a survey drone to inspect your next rental unit? Need someone who can squeeze into tight spaces? Well, this slick Snake is your Man, ladies and gentlemen! A Robot Master who debuted back in Mega Man 3, Snake Man’s appeared in plenty of titles over the years, and he’s really put […]

Gamers DDotty & Suhyen reveal their Table Tennis Skills in Epic Battle | Gamers Vs.

Where are you two headed? We’re going to play table tennis. Victory – Korea! I’m keeping it secret who we’re playing table tennis with. Who are we playing table tennis with? (GAMERS VS) (SELECT DIFFICULTY LEVEL – EASY, MEDIUM, OLYMPIC) (LOADING…) (WE CHALLENGE TOP GAMERS (TO TRY SPORTS (WITH OLYMPIANS) (GAMERS VS) (PLAYER 1 – […]

RT Life – Jack and Gavin Play Tennis

[Rooster Teeth Intro] Jack: So we are out here at a tennis court near the office Gavin: *Raspberry* Jack: And Gavin bet me that he’d beat me at a set of tennis Gavin: Regretting that now obviously, I haven’t- Michael: Yeah I’m regretting it too cause now I’m here filming it Jack: Wait, so the […]

Collectible Games – III: What Makes a Good TCG or CCG? – Extra Credits

CGRundertow POKEMON TRADING CARD GAME for Game Boy Color Video Game Review

Video game versions of collectible card games have always been an attractive option for casual players who don’t really want to pony up fat stacks of cash for fat stacks of potentially-worthless cardboard. Back when Charizards were fetching Suikoden II money, you could just pick up a copy of this Game Boy Color version and […]

Getting to know GWENT: The Witcher Card Game || Game basics

Welcome to Gwent, The Witcher Card Game! Gwent was originally created as a mini game in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but its standalone version was designed almost from scratch; just to make sure that it’s properly balanced, providing gamers with a great multiplayer experience. Even if you’ve already played Gwent, you should remember that […]

Super Soaker Surprise!!! | Hello Neighbor – Hide and Seek #8 (Audio Fixed!)

Let’s Play ANOMIA and SKULL feat. College Humor’s Brennan Lee Mulligan | Overboard, Episode 13

– [Brian] Welcome to Overboard, Polygon’s card and board game show. This episode, we’re still focusing on small games, ones you can easily learn and play in under half an hour. We’re playing two games in this episode: Anomia and Skull. First up, Anomia, a game about thinking fast and yelling things. To win, you […]