Knowledge Is Power Review – A Fun Trivia Video Game?

hey guys mike from nerd problems gaming here and welcome to nerd problems gaming the channel rego through the good and bad of everything nerdy to make sure you spend your time on the best of the best in today’s video I’ll be doing a review of knowledge is power for PlayStation 4 so stay […]

CGRundertow POKEMON TRADING CARD GAME for Game Boy Color Video Game Review

Video game versions of collectible card games have always been an attractive option for casual players who don’t really want to pony up fat stacks of cash for fat stacks of potentially-worthless cardboard. Back when Charizards were fetching Suikoden II money, you could just pick up a copy of this Game Boy Color version and […]

CGRundertow QUIZ AND DRAGONS for Arcade Video Game Review

Capcom have a long history of quiz games… we just haven’t really seen any of ‘em in the states. But this particular format – pseudo board game, roll a die, move spaces, encounter hostile, answer multiple-choice questions – is as Capcom as on-disc DLC and Jill Sandwiches. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Game Boy, TG-16, […]


Man. Judging from the reaction to my Huge-Freaking-Shaymin Award-winning coverage of the Game Boy Color version of the Pokémon Trading Card game, you folks were kinda hungry for a proper follow-up. Well, here’s… this thing. It’s an online client for the Pokémon TCG that actually runs on cards obtained in real-life booster packs. Me, would […]

CGRundertow METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER for PlayStation Vita Video Game Review

It seems that Naked Snake is everywhere now. This is a man who is easily capable of sneaking past hundreds of guards, and I’m guessing who has sneaked out of paying the check on more than one occasion. But in little under a year, Snake has found himself in an HD remake, and also in […]

CGRundertow METAL GEAR 2: SOLID SNAKE for MSX2 Video Game Review

When Metal Gear Solid was released for the original Playstation, not everyone realized that it was in fact the third game in the Metal Gear franchise. Many people had missed out on the second game entirely, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, and the main reason is because it was only released on the Japan exclusive […]

CGRundertow METAL GEAR SOLID: SNAKE EATER 3D for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

Youíll have to pardon my lack of enthusiasm here. Because itís not at all about the quality of this game. Iím not telling you this is a bad video gameóalthough I have a slight argument over the application of the term video game. This is more like a video. Stop there, and youíd be more […]

CGR Undertow – DOKODEMO HAMSTER 4 review for PlayStation

I’ve frequently spoken of my love of board games. Well, that should be qualified a bit. I like good board games, which require strategy and planning and contingency after contingency after contingency. That’s what gets my posterior medial frontal cortex a’bubblin. Dokodemo Hamster 4 provides little to none of that action, though. It’s the more […]

CGRundertow CHESS FOR KIDS for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

The team over at Mentor Interactive seems to take the name of its company quite literally. They have this line of games called thinkSMART, and they’re kind of like a modern version of those Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium titles. You down with MECC? Yeah, you know…Odell Lake. But you know, those games actually taught you […]

CGR Undertow – CHESS review for PlayStation

You know, after a while, the game in this game, basically just turned into “how fast can Derek lose at chess?” And I don’t care who you are, 58 seconds is pretty goddamn impressive. It’s Chess. Just, chess. For the PlayStation. Oh, f*ck you. I mean, I didn’t even know it was possible to lose […]