#1 Hack to Achieve SUCCESS by Chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley

– If you missed part one, you should go back and click on these links that will link above or you should watch my first video that I’ve made All right guys, today I will teach you about something I have learned from a chess grand master called Maurice Ashley, okay? I first saw him […]

Political Chess: The Aftermath of the BC Election

The election on May 9th created BC’s first minority government in over half a century, leading to a 52 day long game of political chess. And the truth is, it’s not over. So don’t look away, because ultimately, its going to be public perception that decides who will win. Both the Liberals and the NDP […]

Cheerleaders in the Chess Club – Ep3 / S1

oh my god Devo Khloe Kardashian who Khloe hello the youngest Kardashian sister what does that have to do with chess nothing look she just posted a steak face you mean stink face no steak face I don’t understand what’s a stank face it’s like stink but it’s stank if it’s past tense then it […]