AI Learns to Play Snake – Explained

Just in case you haven’t had a childhood, I’m gonna briefly explain how snake works Believe it or not, you play as a snake, and your objective is, unsurprisingly, to avoid death You can steer left or right to pick up fruit that makes you grow, and if you hit a wall, you die It’s […]

How to Paint Rum & Bones Plastic Coins

So this basic tutorial is going to teach you how to take your rum and bones plastic coins from plain yellow gold plastic to a bronze finish with a wash adding definition to the various raised and lowered parts of the coin. So the process I used on my coins has seven steps. first you […]


CircleCI Part 1: Introduction to Unit Testing and Continuous Integration

(train whistle) – Hello, welcome to a special Coding Train episode. This episode is the first in a series of some number of videos that I don’t know right now because I haven’t made them yet, all about unit testing and continuous integration. This really fits into my playlists and topics about open-source development. So, […]

The Rules of Tennis – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Tennis Tennis, is a game played as singles (where one person plays against one person) or doubles (where two people play against two people). The object of the game is for you or your team to score more points and to win sets faster than the opposing player or team. […]

How to Make a Neural Network – Intro to Deep Learning #2

How do we learn? Although times may change, some concepts stay the same. Unchanging, information outlasts the body. It’s stored in our brain, but can be passed down from generation to generation. Our brain is capable of synthesizing the diverse set of inputs we call our five senses, and from them, creating a hierarchy of […]

Tutoriel 19 : Le serpent – Balloon Snake – La serpiente

Hi! In this tutorial, I’d like to show you how to make a balloon snake. This newer model is fairly simple to carry out, and still… it’s very lifelike. Just wait and see! For this, you’ll need three modeling balloons. I’ve opted for two green balloons, for the body and the head, and one red […]