[TT Table] Easiest installation (Caption instruction), the Joola Inside Table Tennis table pingpong

Bought this from amazon, it is a good deal, Joola is famous table tennis brand. It comes in a compact 5ft by 5ft package, delivered. Carefully cut the top of cardboard box away, you can see all inside parts are well packed. The installation is very simple, you may not event need instruction book. tables […]

PingKing Match #1 Highlights./PingKing./Table Tennis Tournament /

I like that flick… I don’t usually do that 😛 Wait a sec..how did it come? Points which I lost…to be simple, the points I messed up at 😛 What was I doing there? Lol poor footwork Here we go again…service fault 😐 Thanks for watching…watch our other videos too and also give us a […]

드라이브 공격의 진수 김대우vs강동수 실업탁구리그 2019 KOREA table tennis Pro League

2019 KOREA table tennis Pro League


In this video I am showing how to do ball tapping on racket handle. This is a good test, & practice for ball control, coordination and focus. Good wrist control and hand eye coordination is a must in TT. If you like the video, please like,share, comment and subscribe.. See you next time!

백핸드 연속 공격 [강동훈 탁구레슨][Tabletennis lesson – Backhand topspin attack in rally]

TABLE TENNIS TRICKS – SECRET & TEST TO IMPROVE ball touch&feel. Ball flipping b/w BH&FH #119 flips.

Hi Friends, this is AB here- welcome to my channel! This video is about one of the ways to test and improve ball touch & feel. This trick can be done without a partner or even at home , without a table tennis table. In this video I am showing how to do ball flipping […]

Table Tennis Zelluloidartisten T.2 Alex Ehrlich Longest Ralley in World Championships over 2 hours