Lunar New Year traffic expected to peak Sunday at 4 to 5 PM

South Koreans are of course celebrating the Lunar New Year this weekend and foremost that means driving out of town to see family and usually heavy traffic today the Korea expressway corporation estimates more than eight hundred thousand cars will be heading into or out of the Capital Area mostly into it traffic it said […]

Aston Sentul Lake Resort Bogor (Staycation)

Friends, the foods is so delicious!

Singaporeans Try: World Geography Quiz

Your name is Mahal. Taj (Touch) Mahal. – (PD) Hi guys. – HI! – Why?! – You’re so loud. Do you consider yourself well-travelled? I go to Malaysia a lot. I like when I’m travelling, but it’s more about the company (I am with). I do travel vlogs. I explore places near Singapore. So am […]

🐍 She Found a Snake in Our Yard?!!! (Day 1958) |

(upbeat music) – Good morning, day– – You’re supposed to say, good morning, clan. – That’s for Daddy, not me. Good morning. (laughing) Welcome to day four of school. Bryce is excited because he has PE for the first time today. – Yeah. – So he has something to look forward to. First, feed your […]

Vienna Christmas Markets

Hi guys! I’m in Vienna, Austria and this is a city that glistens under normal circumstances and being here at Christmastime just takes it to a whole other level and tonight I wanted to go out and just walk around some of the different Christmas markets in Vienna so I’m here at Spittelberg and we’ll […]

10 Ways To Make Your Own Fun – HOW TO

[quirky horn sounds] [upbeat drum music] Hello art fans! It’s time for ten ways to make your own fun! Number one: Grab a few items from your trash and make a monster or animal. Challenge your friends and family to make their own! Item number two: Pretend to be someone else for a day. Can […]

4K CC. Collared Lizards & Cactus Fun with Reptiles, Amphibians USA CA AZ NV UT NM TX Herping HD.

lol omg OK come grab the pole K don’t jerk him don’t jerk him ok Alright We got this little baby Collared Lizard Man he’s feisty He just keeps trying to run for it Alright Yeah He’s a little cute guy Oh oh he’s running away again He’s pretty feisty we’re gonna let him go […]

4K CC. Western Ground Snake, Catching Reptile & Amphibian Pets in AZ CA NV UT Herping HD..

Girl: we got a…so it’s a kingsanke? Kid: It’s a Sonoran Kingsnake…very rare and dad just found him Girl: He’s beautiful Kid: Oh I see why you say they are so beautiful now Girl: We’re out here on the lake and just found a gorgeous snake He has just got crazy colors Guy: he might […]

Free Diving With Swimming Rainbows, Fish & Seals Swimming With Us! Nature, Travel, Fishing, Herping.

Were in La Jolla California right now We came here hoping to see the seals We saw the seals, There right there. We’re gonna go see what kind of fish or skarks or what ever else is in the water Um I’m hoping for some small sharks Not Great Whites The ones that will eat […]