Viktor Axelsen bedazzles PWG Freestyle with his badminton matrix workout | Hitting the Wall

My name is Philip Warren Gertsson, and I’m a professional football freestyler. I’m here in beautiful Odense, Denmark. I’m here to meet up with Viktor Axelsen, professional badminton player. He recently won a bronze medal in Rio. The weather’s not perfect, we know, but that does not stop an Olympian from training. Viktor, right? -Viktor, […]

Effective Training | PingSkills | Table Tennis

Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. In our lesson on the activation level we talked to you about how your peak performance is affected by your activation level and we talked about how in training usually your activation level is a little bit low. Today we’re going to show you ways of increasing that activation […]

I hate snake PUBG MOBILE | Xiaomi Pocophone F1

How To Maximize Forehand Power – Table Tennis University

Okay transfer your body this is in table tennis, it’s very important. Right now if you are just practice just start you’re going to transfer from this leg to this leg. So do it a little bit slower you, no rush to bam bam bam bam hit the ball every single time no rush. Just […]

Table Tennis Training Methods in China

Welcome back to my channel. What is the training method in China? Why Chinese players don’t miss the easy ball? And why they are so good compared to other countries? Today, let’s talk about the main difference between the training method in China in the Western countries. But first, let’s hear the opinion of Jon […]

How To Block Heavy Topspin Loops – Table Tennis University

When you block against a heavy topspin loop you need ten minutes you can return it. For that ten minutes you need to find a partner who’s loop is very spinny lots of topspin. So you just push to him then block. When you block remember okay your racket don’t go forward no, just stay […]

The best actions of table tennis 2017 (table tennis experts)

summary 2017 it was a busy year and resulted in a large number of recipients subscribe to us over 800 people a little much? scale Internet can seem little But if we throw the 800 people in one room This is no longer really a lot I do not even know what I would have […]

How To Develop An Aggressive Backhand – Table Tennis University

Okay you ask backhand, you want to try to attack. You said you only know push and block. Maybe you have good control already. So if you already have good control this is easy to add more power. So first thing I want to talk about topspin You already know the block. Here control and […]