2 Name Games: Name and Movement, Princesses and Dragons

Welcome to this video of the Name Games. These methods are a part of the Energizers, Name Games, and Introduction activities category in this video we present two name games Name and Movement and Princesses and Dragons name games is an important part in the beginning of the training or any other educational activity addressing […]

How To: Dumbbell Chest Press

What’s going on everybody? I’m Scott from Scotthermanfitness.com I’m going to demonstrate for you how to do a dumbbell chest press. First thing you’re going to do is find a set of dumbbells that you can do, and what you want to do is put them in front of the machine when you start to […]

Onix the Rock Snake (Feat. The Prop Master’s Handbook)

And that’s why in FNAF night 4, -Springtrap and Freddy end up in space. -( moans ) Wait. Before we go in, -I have to tell you something. -Do you have an idea for “enos”? No. It’s better than that. Uh, I got us… a new pet. -( roars ) -( screams ) What is […]

ACO Chess School – GM Shirov Online Chess Training

Dear chess lovers, I am Alexei Shirov, Latvian Grandmaster, formally Spanish Grandmaster and I am very happy to be here in Stuttgart to record some videos on chess. So I am grateful to ACO for giving me this opportunity and I hope we will together spend interesting chess time. Well, shortly a few words about […]