NiKO Learns HIDE N SEEK!! Adley shows baby brother our favorite family game and date night routine!

Spiderman plays golf, a gator wrapped in a snake & Spieth’s 91-footer

did you guys know that spider-man plays golf it must be those spidey senses because he’s got a pretty good swing too we had some pretty unusual stuff happening during the Sony Open this week from the false alarm missile alert in Hawaii to barefoot Pro and I think former NFL coach June Jones took […]

ultimate HIDE N SEEK in our New House

Apprendre les echecs les fondamentaux

abandoned house HIDE N SEEK!! the ultimate game!

Thai girl with Python เด็กไทยใจกล้า

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We are coming to you live from the coldest place in the known universe Well, near it anyway. What would you say if I told you that the headquarters for D-Wave – the world leader in commercial quantum computing systems – is a stone’s throw from our warehouse? And what would you say if I […]

Amtrak California Zephyr to Chicago; Roomette and Train Tour

Hey Tubers! Daniel here.. Today… I’m on a train. (Train Announcement) My friend Benny and I are on a three day cross-country Amtrak train trip .. from Emeryville, CA to Chicago, IL It’s a three day trip which is supposed to be 52 hours This train is the Amtrak Zephyr What we have here is […]

Toso Chess Set

bjbj This is a chess set by the Italian artist Giannini Toso. Giannini Toso apprenticed as a glassblower in Murano, which is Venice s glassblowing island, and was known for many years for his works in blown glass. Later in his career, he began working in flamework glass, which is what you see here. Flameworking […]