The Edge: Dawnfall Review – with Tom Vasel

SNG vs Snake – Game 3 | SofM được phép chơi hổ báo và cướp rừng | LPL 04.03.2018

Aman Hambleton Bullet Chess Speedrun | Part 1

I’m joining the pool here. All right so starting with 1,100. Weaknesses everywhere. Weaknesses everywhere. In games like this, look at him. So this okay… so this is what it’s like. You guys are probably seeing other games you know like League of Legends stuff like that where you start at sort of like zero […]

GM Eric Hansen Blitz Speedrun to 3000 | 1200-1500

We’re going to have some fun today. Today’s itinerary is a blitz speedrun so I started 1,200 and there’s no provisional so I’ll be gaining like you guys. I’ll be one of you know just… [John] That’s the whole idea. [Eric] There’s no big jumps. I have to just grind it out. I still think […]

Snake vs TOP – Ván 2 | MVP cho SofM mới đúng | LPL 11/3/2018

Top 10 Best New Android Games To Play In 2018

Top 10 Best New Android Games To Play In 2018

SNG vs Snake – Game 1 | SofM có MVP thứ 6 | 04.03.2018

7 Superstitions and their Origins

7. Rabbit’s Foot This is definitely considered as animal cruelty nowadays but carrying a rabbit’s foot is said to bring good luck, like the four leaf clover. This belief is found almost everywhere such as North and South America, Africa, Europe and China. It is said whoever that has a rabbit’s foot and stroke it […]

11 interesting and best hobbies (பொழுதுபோக்கு) |Tamil | Eng Subs

Mostly we all have free time. Some has less and some have more but every one has their free time. So to pass this time we do few things and it is called as Hobby. All should have some Hobby but most of them are not having. Most of them are confused to choose hobby. […]

SNG vs Snake – Game 2 | Đầu game SofM bị cướp sạch rừng | LPL 04.03.2018