Pawn Structures Explained by GM Yasser Seirawan

When the first part was to get you to understand that, it’s through the control of space that we know what the material count is worth. The idea of space is this is 64 square board like the board I have in front of me, 64 square board, I own 32 squares. They are my […]

Top 10 Newest Pokemon

My sandaconda don’t, my sanaconda don’t, my sanaconda don’t want none unless you got pokepuffs hon. Greetings Gamers and welcome back to top 10 gaming, im your host connor munro and I am a lyrical genius. If you’re new here or haven’t yet be sure to like and subscribe to top 10 gaming, for daily […]

👀 HIDE AND SEEK CHEATER?! | The Minecraft Life of Alex and Steve | Minecraft Animation

I’m serious. They call me the hide-and-seek champion! Champion? Hah. More like cheater. Ehh, champion sound better. I’d challenge you to a game but.. we both know I’d win. Wouldn’t I, Alex? Isn’t that right, Alex? Yes, it is. Yes, I would. Yes, I would. I’m so good at hide-and-seek. Oh yeah? Prove it. Haha- […]


CRAZY HIDE AND IN 10 POUND MANSION !!! Sub To LanX Hello guys, and welcome back to another video its competition time lel sub to LanX yo mama dat savage Hide-And-Seek Challenge and I know you’re Probably Expecting this to be like a Joke or something, no We’re Actually Just going to be Playing Hide-And-Seek […]

Top 15 Scary Hide and Seek Stories

15. Grave yard Hide-and-Seek Have you ever played hide-and-seek in a grave yard? It’s probably a good idea not to, as you’ll learn from this scary story, posted on reddit by Prancing_Unicorn. The Redditor says that she and her friends decided to play a late-night game of hide-and-seek in an abandoned local grave yard in […]


– [Mum] I can hear him. I can hear him. What are you doing out there? – Mum, no you haven’t found me. – [Mum] Oh, my God. – Mum, you haven’t just found me. – [Mum] I have. – Oh, my God. What the hell? – [Mum] I heard you. If you hadn’t of […]

The Chess Elements Explained by GM Yasser Seirawan

Hello, everyone, and welcome to something very, very different. I’m gonna be your host, Chess Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan for the next 40 minutes, 60 minutes. I’m gonna do an online lesson, something that, well, maybe is very unusual for Chessbrah. So as we begin our, let’s say, lesson today, one of the things I think […]

God of War: The Card Game Review with Sam Healey

25 FUN Card Games You’ve Likely Not Played

You’ve likely played card games like solitaire, rummy, and poker, but what about all those you haven’t played? Turns out, there’s quite a few, and many of them are pretty fun. From standard playing card games to unique and inventive card games, you might be pleasantly surprised by all the fun you can have with […]

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