Ping Pong Battleship

We’ve built a table tennis battleship arena First one to pop all five balloons wins Let’s go! And if you’re new the channel remember to subscribe To help our channel reach two million Okay That’s set There What’s Otto your strategy placing the balloons? Trying to not get them to pop Let the battle start! […]

3 Schritte zu einer festen und sicheren Vorhand

hello table tennis friends in the last video I explained to you that the forearm acceleration is crucial therefore I fix my elbow close to the body keep my forearm loose and then accelerate quickly in the last time I gained some more experiences which are very interesting and I like to share with you […]

Lion PAVISE | review | #tabletennisexperts

Lion Pavise – we got a prototype rubber for test and rate! PAVISE from Greek means stop. The anti-spin rubber already in the letter itself contains that the offensive player on the other side has to stop because he won’t do anything to him. In ancient Greece, heroic mythological battles counted. Nobody thought about the […]

Sumo Suit Ping Pong

Today it’s sumo suit ping pong! That looked pretty easy That was smooth Looks like Otto’s done that before It wasn’t that hard No You guys look hilarious I might have this wrong way around Yeah… Otto you have it the wrong way around! Otto looks like a sumo warrior You both look like warriors […]

Battle of the Ping Pong Rackets

I decided to try a table tennis experiment take two players way better than me one 4-time U.S. national champion who beat Waldner when he was in his prime and a player who is three levels above me and have them use rackets that barely spin the ball at all just to see how big […]

Syrian Refugees Relish the Taste of Home with Table Tennis | Camps to Champs

My name is Adham I am from Syria. I am a table tennis trainer. I am 41 years old. Table tennis was originally just a hobby for me, but I developed my skills so much that I now coach it. Now it’s more than just a great game. Ping pong is my life. (CAMPS TO […]

Review Sanwei Pistol Grip

I played Sanwei Pistol Grip today a new model from Sanwei quite unusual, very unusual this is the cheapest version of this rocket there are even more expensive versions a bit more improved there are the same boards of this kind there are the same claddings for this type everything is very interestingly done my […]

Valentine’s Day Ping Pong

Training partner: Sorry mate, can’t make it today I think we have all been in this situation so today we are going to show you different ways How to play table tennis alone! It’s like making a beat! Good boy Wow Good job! Nooo! Couldn’t handle the compliment There is still 70% of you guys […]

Lion Trident | review | #tabletennisexperts

The trident is a type of melee weapon that was used by fishermen to hunt larger fish and octopus. The trident is an attribute of the Greek Poseidon, Roman Neptune – the patron of Gdańsk. This review is recorded in Gdansk. The trident was also used in gladiator fights – it was used to finish […]

Ping Pong with Musical Instruments

Let’s play! There is a good tune! It was the edge And the edge of the table I beat Miikka with a bongo! Maybe I should start playing with this one This is a masterpiece by me and Emil What a beat! It’s not the fastest racket but it’s it’s a nice-sounding racket! This is […]