Chess Opening Danish Gambit | দাবা খেলার ওপেনিং ডেনিশ গেম বিট | Best Moves Tutorial

hello just love how it was today I’ll show you Danis gambit Oh penny it’s very nice and tricky for your Jeff this is my chessboard okay and here you are watching everything on my chessboard here and I have to use white white is mine and opportunity is black and I will use pawn […]

Golf Solitaire Card Game : Golf Solitaire: Sample Hand: Part 1

Alright, let’s finish our sample hand of golf solitaire. We’ve started, but we haven’t gotten very far down the path because we had some un-playable cards. Let’s see what comes off next. There’s a five. Well my board is almost all odd and nothing I can play with a five. A ten, nothing to play, […]

Dude Perfect Christmas Special | FACE OFF

ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode of…. face off face face off face face off face off face face off face off!!! Nice! good job good job! Today is a very special day because we have a very festic face off And it’s a Team Face Off!!! We will be building gingerbread houses. And […]

ANIMALS’ QUIZ | Learn English Zoo Animals Names for Kids

What’s this? Is this a giraffe? It’s a dog! What’s this? Is this a lion? It’s a zebra! What’s this? Is this an octopus? It’s a shark! What’s this? Is this a tiger? It’s a tiger! What’s this? Is this a cat? It’s a hippo! What’s this? Is this a monkey? It’s a cat! What’s […]

The Ultimate Slim Wallet

What’s up guys! Lew here, back with another video and today I am here to solve the biggest problem… …biggest thing threatening mankind, that is; terrible wallets! You have one! Or you’ve had one! …or you’re yet to buy one. Everybody’s seen one of these guys… You know big, chunky Look! Inevitably this is what […]


hey come on Papa Jake fam its Papa Jake here and if you guys haven’t watched my last video our house got hacked that’s right our entire house may have well it did get hacked by who we believe is project zorg oh we were able to get it back under control by shutting off […]

Hypertwist: 2-sided Möbius strips and mirror universes

You’re watching a Mathologer video and that that probably means you’re eating Klein bottles and Mobius strips for breakfast and you know that these tasty mathematical surfaces have just one side. Except, and only real mathematical connoisseur seem to know this, they are Klein bottles and Mobius strips that have two sides. Let me explain. […]

Guess That Lyric! (GAME)

How well do we know the lyrics to popular songs? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good mythical morning! – The Grammy’s were last night and whether you enjoyed the winners or disagreed with them, today you’re going to enjoy and agree with this because one of us is gonna win something. […]

How to defend in Japanese chess : shogi

hello I’m gonna try this Japanese chess app this is pawn and this is king the king is placed in the Center file two gold generals are placed next to the king and two silver generals next to each gold general and this is knight this is lance this is Rook and this is Bishop […]

EXTREME Hide and Seek Challenge (Best Hiding Spot Wins – Loser Gets Punishment) Mystery Clue Found

What’s up Team Stew you’re watching the coolest YouTube channel my name is Tel this is Huck and this is our special guest Riley. Thank you for being on the show Riley guys you’ve all played hide and go seek well today were playing extreme hide and go seek. So what makes this extreme hide […]