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Winning or Losing Life has both We cant decide anything Life is like a snake & ladders game Someone dashes the dice… We are the ones who move forward to the fallen dice Today or tomorrow I must face that situation I have to be there someday … anyway. the decision I’m taking now Is […]

Snake Guide: How to do the Self-Sticky C4

As of patch 2.0 this technique does not work anymore

Cobra in a Chicken Coop | Snake City

Grab and go. Hello? Yeah, snake people, yeah. A call comes in and a guy says he’s got a very large grey snake in his chicken coop. First thing that goes through my mind, definitely a black mamba. All right. There’s two here. OK. Then the guy says to us, it’s not one, it’s actually […]


Thanks Use this See around if there is any good stuff First aid kit and level 3 helmet And… SCAR Need no to finish that guy quickly Anyway, when his teammate is reviving him, he’s low, 1v2 isn’t gonna be a problem Easy as f**k Right? He just went inside the container Player: Bro, can […]

Zozo… The Mystery 2 (Based on True Story)

Karan Karan What happened? Sssssssshhhhhhh What happened? Aaaa…. Anju was here.. Where is she? There… There Where…? Where is she? She… Was here It’s just your hallucination… there is nothing like that I just saw her She was here She is not there Not there You don’t trust me? It’s nothing like that… But she […]

Quill vs the robot snake! | Moss | Part 4

Hello everyone. My name is Crow_Se7en. Welcome back to Moss. Let’s continue this game Ok, it’s time to kill the robots The lever is over there That’s a hard one Looks like we’re in the bar Look, the stairs Let’s go over there Oh, I know where I should put these pieces! Let’s go Now, […]

Trap Adventure 2

Trap Adventure 2. Wow, I’ve been waiting for this game forever. Finally, the sequel. Okay, here I am as Mario. Okay. So, it’s one- just one of those. It’s one of those, huh? Okay. Well… Okay. The key is to jump over the traps… …and not die. Oh what? Oh, you have a duck move. […]