[MMD x PV x 4K x OC + DL] || Original Motion【Hide and Seek】+ Subs Rus Eng

Hey. Hey! Hey , where did you go ? Don’t hide, play with me! Hey you. Tag or hide and seek are both fine and all, But I’m too clever for these games. If you don’t come out quickly, I’m going to punish you. There’s no point in hiding. Because I’m going to find you […]

обзор Yinhe (Milkyway) EARTH 2 Soft 1.5 mm – тест недорогого тензора в защите и атаке

So, Earth 2 soft on sponge 1.5 mm. It reminded me about rubber Secret Flow. It’s about medium hardness. It’s neither soft, nor hard. There is clear tensor. There is heavy underspin in defense. As my opponent mentioned, underspin is often unnoticeable. The control in defense is high. The rubber allows playing counterattack with counterspin. […]

Roblox Hide and Seek with Gaby Monster!

I want to follow my master. I think it’s my master? I don’t know? I see someone in a car. That’s not me. That’s not me. Ok. that’s the one that was hiding with before. yeah, what level is this? oh, yeah the kitchen. Ok, we wer’nt’ paying attention. Ok, we go the kitchen. 20 […]

Captain’s 452 Chess

Oh here we fuckin Go Here I’m Gona show yous all show yous all, an Amazing Game, right this is an a mazing game Right see this game Oh that better no be, oh it is my tablet, Bastards Nearly crushed my tablet there, it alright It’s alright, right let’s see, wait there I’ll show […]

Baby Aaron! | Minecraft Hide and Seek

Aphmau: Hey Guys, Aphmau here! Aphmau: And welcome to another tropical, beach, waterpark resort paradise hide and seek. Aphmau: Are you guys ready?! Garroth: Yeah Sure! Travis: Yes! Aphmau: *screaming noise* It’s gonna be great! *intense breath* Ok! Now um.. Its gonna be very special again because you know why, Right Katelyn? *silent pause* *Aphmau […]

Dr Neubauer GOLIATH SPEED II – обзор от нападающего: контрольный тензор для тактического игрока

My greetings to all table tennis lovers! Today we are going to try a rubber by Dr. Neubauer – Goliath Speed 2. As you know, Goliath is a giant warrior, who was killed by David with a stone. We are going to try on the blade Magical Touch by Dr. Neubauer as well. We’ve tried […]


where is the boys lettuce it is the sound of the wind knowing is not enough we must apply the storm is crossing is not a way to hurt somebody but in order there is no swordsmanship i empty your cup in order to fill it again is the sound of the winds death is […]

Trailer | Nigooda Kanasinalli | Kannada | BILVA STUDIOS | Series | suspense thriller |

Winning or Losing Life has both We cant decide anything Life is like a snake & ladders game Someone dashes the dice… We are the ones who move forward to the fallen dice Today or tomorrow I must face that situation I have to be there someday … anyway. the decision I’m taking now Is […]

Snake Guide: How to do the Self-Sticky C4

As of patch 2.0 this technique does not work anymore

Cobra in a Chicken Coop | Snake City

Grab and go. Hello? Yeah, snake people, yeah. A call comes in and a guy says he’s got a very large grey snake in his chicken coop. First thing that goes through my mind, definitely a black mamba. All right. There’s two here. OK. Then the guy says to us, it’s not one, it’s actually […]