Should You Trust Your Gut Instinct?

Do you ever get that feeling in your gut that something is the right or wrong decision- But you don’t know why? Our intuition is often deemed as mysticism or linked with telepathy and premonitions, but is there a science behind it? Should you trust your intuition? Understanding something immediately without conscious reasoning is less […]

How To Write Parents

Hey all and welcome to my vlog! My name is Erin and this is How To Write Parents. This is going to focus on the parents of your characters as opposed to your characters as the parent with dependent children. In so many stories the parents of your lead are either incompetent, dead, or absent. […]

Committee hears of community suffering under govt housing policies

Community group Tu Tangata Maraenui have spoken to the Social Services Committee today regarding the housing situation in their community. They say empty state houses are being trashed and those that are still good aren’t being re-let to those in desperate need. A topic of huge concern for the people of Maraenui. The group, Tu […]

The Most Insane Ways Men Escaped from Prison

For many, the thought of prison is enough to keep them on the straight and narrow; but for others, prison is merely a consequence of their chosen lifestyle. And for a select few, prison is nothing more than a challenge, a puzzle begging to be solved. Today we’ll look at some of the more creative […]