How This Guy Stacks Playing Cards Impossibly High | Obsessed | WIRED

the old saying is you know like a house of cards so that must mean fragile that must mean imminent collapse I know that a house of cards can be way more stable than anyone thinks this harvard-educated designer draws on his background in architecture to build unbelievable structures out of cards they can hold […]

How many levels in table tennis ?

How many levels are there in table tennis? 2, 3 or 4? And how to improve your level? Welcome back to PingSunday, and I’m EmRatThich. Today, let’s talk about the levels and skills in table tennis. This video has the subtitle in English, Indonesian, Indian, Vietnamese, German, French, and more. I recommend you to turn […]

Mario Kart Tour | The New Baby Rosalina Tour Part 1

(Mario Kart Tour Now Open Music) Take 2 Ok We’ve been landed from London Heathrow From or To? Bring it on! The Baby Rosalina Tour! Happy Inter… This is the two one! The two of all! But for only… This is double month! But for only… For the world, just 1… It’s International Women’s Month! […]

Manufacturing a Better Foot | Running Shoes

I’ve been an adult for a while now and in recent years, I find myself wondering why things are the way they are… and more specifically, were they always like this? You see, I’m a runner and as any runner can tell you, injuries are just a fact of life – it’s not a matter […]

Board Games 101: What is a Worker Placement Game?

Hi! It’s professor Ryan from Nights Around a Table. What is a worker placement game? Today on (singing) Board Games 101! If you’re new to modern board games, you’re gonna hear that term “worker placement” a lot, because it’s a very very popular board game mechanic. And if you’re not sure what i mean by […]

Internet of Things Chessboard Metaphor

♪ The creme de la creme of the chess world… ♪ We’re hearing a great deal about the Internet of Things, and you may be wondering what it’s all about. In this video we use a smart chessboard as a metaphor for the Internet of Things. Ubiquitous sensors are key to the IoT. IoT architecture […]

✅ Трушкин – Никифоров 3:1 прогноз|02.04.2020|настольный теннис

good evening to all desktop enthusiasts tennis at 21:30 Moscow Anatoly trushkin and Oleg Nikiforov fight full-time confrontation this league rules the channel sports betting brand and we are with you move on to personal meetings Trushkin met against Nikiforov on April 1 this is the latest data here is a certain the fruit was […]

❌ Мягков – Шагаров 0:3 прогноз|02.04.2020|настольный теннис

I welcome all desktop enthusiasts tennis 12:30 Moscow league pro Sergey soft and alexey shagarov will pass face-to-face meeting you are on the channel brand sport rating and let’s move on to full-time confrontation if we had no statistics of three recent matches between these tennis players it was possible to talk about the fact […]

Arduino Smart Chess Board with LCD Display

♪ The creme de la creme of the chess world…♪ This is a stand-alone version of our magnetic switch chessboard demonstration. We also have a more detailed video using a computer-connected version. NVE GMR magnetic switches at the heart of the chessboard are the “kings” of proxmity sensing. The magnetic switches are activated by the […]