🔊Test Your Brain Speed 💡 11 Riddles To Test Your Thinking Ability

Do you like Sherlock Holmes? Have you ever dreamed of being that smart, that resourceful, that genius? Susan was a singer. She went on tour but she got sick and was taken to hospital. She had a sore throat, not too dangerous, but it’s terrible if you’re a singer! The best doctors came together to […]

Rainbow Six Siege New Gun Glitch in Hide and Seek Gamemode

Dear foreigner, cease your investigations at once. We Americans will bomb your homeland and take your oil. (uwu to that bruddah) Ted Cruz ate my children and so did we to your natives. (Brudda Osas will keel you in da booshas) (soft, calming and sexy music) Hope is a lie and all who squander this […]

📰Yugi-News Episode 1📰 YCS’s, Payne96 and a very stupid format.

Hey there guys! Its 24-7 Yugioh and welcome to Yugi-News, the show where we discuss the recent Yugioh events of the past week, with a little bit of satire thrown in. Our top story today, YCS’s Utrecht and Las Vegas were this week, and they were both live streamed. Now, I would say that its […]

Lily and Michael Played Hide n Seek | HILLAROUS JOKE | Lily’s Amumu Impression |OfflineTV Highlights

So it nocturne min I’ve seen that yeah, I know I hate that actually Yeah, I know it’s Because I got my white knight jungler healthy Yes, exactly, yeah. Yeah, then you’re gonna wish you didn’t commit That is interesting we’ll come back to that on my stream. Let’s talk about how I can access […]

Scripts to Save Time as a Stock Investor | James Boyd | 2-25-20 | Using Options as a Stock Investor

hello and welcome to using options as a stock investor my name is James Boyd we welcome you here today boy what an interesting topic as a stock investor just real quick as we’re getting going we like to welcome you here Charles Scott Terrence Helen Barrie Paul Osborne Lisa also as well we welcome […]

🔊Train Your IQ With VR Mind Games 🎮 Fun Riddles With Voice

A secret police department held an experiment. The captain wanted to hire people using VR. It’s 2020 right?! There were 4 candidates (John, Richard, Harry and Michael). Each of them was given a different task. Whoever completed it could count on a job in the department. Let’s see if you can solve these hard riddles […]

Developer Update | Experimental Mode: Triple Damage | Overwatch

What’s up, everyone? This is Jeff with the Overwatch Team. Very exciting Developer Update today, because in the last Developer Update I mentioned that we would be bringing you something very special, which we call the Experimental Card. Well, we are now on the eve of the Experimental Card going live. And that’s to say […]

Table Tennis at the Olympic Games #273

One of my strongest memories of the Olympics is playing against Timo Boll and Jorg Rosskopf. Two incredible table tennis players. Obviously Timo Boll one of the best players in the world Jorg Rosskopf was World doubles champion and then we were playing them in doubles so you know it’s going to be really tough […]

DC Funkoverse | Game the Game

(energetic music) – Hey there, welcome to Game the Game. I’m your host, Becca Scott, and today we are playing DC Funkoverse. I can’t wait to get into it and introduce you to my guests. Of course you all know and love Amy Dallen! – Hello, I’m so excited to be here! Specifically for this […]

How to Play Pandemic

– We’re treating diseases and researching cures! That’s right, it’s Pandemic from Z-Man Games! (upbeat music) This contagious co-op pits two to four disaster specialists against the dangerous diseases spreading across the globe. Using their wits and action cards, players travel the earth, hoping to stamp out the infections before the population is overwhelmed. Quick […]