Kevin Spacey at Georgetown

(bell ringing) – [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage Professor Michael Bailey, chair of the Department of Government, Ron Klain and Kevin Spacey. (applause and cheers) – Good evening. My name is Michael Bailey. I’m the chair of the Department of Government. I’d like to welcome you to the Sullivan Lecture on […]

Regulation Size End Grain Chess Board with Gold Leaf

Several viewers have reached out to me and asked me to make them custom chess boards based on a couple of other videos that I released earlier this year. I’m gonna batch out four of them at the same time in this video but I’m gonna feature one that the client has requested me to […]

War of Underworld Opening 1 EXPLAINED! | Sword Art Online Alicization | Gamerturk Anime

This video is brought to you by Fanatio who woke up on her bed while Daddy Bercouli was already busy planning for the War of Underworld! War is upon us! Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 25, marks the beginning of the War of Underworld sub-arc of the series! And a new cour means a brand […]

Chess endgame | Rule of Opposition | King + Pawn Chess Ending | Explained through my own game

Hello friends! This is Anuj from Shatranj time. Today I am going to describe a game to you A game that I was a part of and it was a really nice game and what’s so interesting about the game was that there is one very important chess principle called as opposition that I utilized […]

Christopher Hitchens | Talks at Google

>>Hi, everyone. Welcome to today’s Authors at Google event. After the talk, we’re going to have a Q and A session, and I’d like to remind everyone to please use the microphone in the middle of the room, if you have questions. It’s my pleasure to introduce Christopher Hitchens. Mr. Hitchens was born in England, […]

The rise of China and the inevitable decline of America

You’re all aware that the rise of China is generally seen as a defining feature of the geopolitical landscape of the 21st century. And I know particularly those of you who are our masters students are well aware of that. But I think, in the general media, everybody is well aware of the rise of […]

Grip Strength & Hand Exercise

My name is Dr. Terry Zachary and we are going to talk about how to properly train your hand muscles for maximum performance and also to maximize injury prevention. I have dealt with athletes for about the last fifteen (15) years with hand muscle training, how to maximize grip strength, how to maximize the reduction […]

Information Density – How Mr. Robot Does a Lot with a Little – Extra Credits

Okay, today’s episode is gonna be a little bit weird, because I’m gonna use an example from television rather than from games. But it does serve as one of the clearest-cut examples of what we’re gonna discuss, and, as students of design, we should be looking to and learning from design in all media, not […]

Shields and Brooks on the whistleblower complaint, Saudi oil attack

JUDY WOODRUFF: And now we turn to the political analysis of Shields and Brooks. That is syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks. Hello to both of you. Let’s start with our lead story tonight. And that is the whistle-blower from the intelligence community. The word gets out — or this […]