CUE Cards TCG – Cards, the Universe, Everything

This is Billy. Now it may interest you to know that Billy has memorised all 807 Pokemon characters, can spin 4 fidget spinners at once and knows all the best places to cower in Fortnite. Rather more impressively, Billy can also name all the planets in the solar system and hold his own in a […]

Trivia Game: Speaker Recommendations!

hi viewers today we are joined by one of our favorite sales executives who’s been with Eagles talent since 2004 and is an expert on recommending the perfect speaker for any event Christie Wilson firstly thank you so much for going up well thank you for having me so today’s Tuesday tip is gonna be […]

Best DIY Robot kit for beginners – Micro:Bit

Dear friends welcome to another robot video! In this video, we are going to build a robot using a robot kit for the MicroBit board. This is by far the easiest and most fun robot kit I have ever seen.Let’s get started! Hello, guys, I am Nick and welcome to a channel that is […]

Game-Based Learning | Part 7 of 10 – Simulation Card Games

David Chandross: Hello. Welcome back to Unplugged Gamification. We’re going to look at another kind of unplugged game that you can start using in your classroom. It’s very effective for teaching and learning. The first one we’d show you was the Territory Capture Map, which is useful for recalling information from prior lectures, and making […]

What If a Venomous Snake Bites You? – Dear Blocko #8

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin! Yee Haw! It’s a western baby! Horses are falling from the sky! Sorry for that intro. Welcome to another episode of Dear Blocko! This is the show where I answer your questions about your world, and my world! Let’s get started with the first question Star Shine Asks Dear […]

Finding and Solving Problems: Hide-and-Seek with Geocaching

>>TEACHER: All right, today we’re going to talk a little bit about GPS– GPS units, geocaching. Now, we’re going to play a little game here in just a minute, where I’ve actually hidden containers around the playground that you’re going to go find. That’s kind of the basic concept of geocaching, where people have actually […]

Coding the Classic Game Snake in a Nut Shell (CC)!!!!

Hey Guys, i need your opinions on what i should create, Timelapses, Explaining the Code in a NutShell , Or completely Explaining it. Post your opinions in the comments please, ill read them all 😉 Also Post your ideas of classic games in the comments and ill (attempt) to create them 😀 Here’s 1 minute […]

Intoxalock CTO Tom Chess Interviewed by Technology Association of Iowa

Evolution is the nature of the transportation industry. And how do you innovate within it? So we do – we have installed in 7 Teslas, 7 Teslas are in our fleet right now. At any given time we have around 130,000 cars out there that we are managing. So – the innovation is around 2 […]