Bucket List: “The Bad Batch” – Star Wars: The Clone Wars

[MUSIC PLAYING] – This is “Star Wars The Clone Wars” Bucket List of Fun Facts for “The Bad Batch” an upgraded look. Anakin and Obi-Wan’s animation models look a little different from past seasons. This update was done to bring them closer to their “Star Wars Revenge of the Sith” look because this season takes […]

Extraordinary, Ambitious & Unusual | 7 of our InnoUvators

Hi everyone, welcome back to InnoUvators. We meet a lot of talented people in our search for the most out there over the top technology. Today, we’re going to introduce you to a few of these masterminds and see what they’ve been working on recently. To see their full interviews be sure to click the […]

RIP HQ Trivia – This is Only a Test 539 – 2/20/20

for Thursday February 20th 2020 it’s this is only a test the official podcast of tested doc oh don’t hate me don’t hate me will there it is so I just turned I just called my agent unfortunately I didn’t have your intro queued up there was a lot of prep work and I didn’t […]


The Ultimate Slim Wallet

What’s up guys! Lew here, back with another video and today I am here to solve the biggest problem… …biggest thing threatening mankind, that is; terrible wallets! You have one! Or you’ve had one! …or you’re yet to buy one. Everybody’s seen one of these guys… You know big, chunky Look! Inevitably this is what […]

Wearable robotics, cobots and table tennis coaches: 2020 robotics predictions

hey everyone welcome back to Tech Talk I’m Julia Beauchamp I am here with computer world executive editor Ken Mingius as well as Keith Shaw he’s the senior editor at Robotics Business Review. Keith is back to talk robots we’re gonna talk cobots as well as wearable robots and what to expect in 2020 and […]

How To Spot Fake Pokémon Cards

Harry Kersh: So, we’re here in East London. And we’re gonna visit Sneak Attack Games. Sneak Attack is managed by Roy Raftery, who’s a trading-card expert with years of buying and selling experience. And he’s gonna teach us about what you should be looking for when you’re buying and selling Pokémon cards and how to […]

Bill Gates gets super lucky playing cards! | Netflix

– [Davis] So my, I have no hope of winning. – Let’s see, what’s a perfect card for you? No, you have no hope of winning. (both laughing) Oh, you’re doing really well. Look at that. (cards slapping) Pounce. – [Davis] What? You got that. War, see, I’m betting, this is a game, like, I’m […]

Why These Magic: The Gathering Cards Are Worth $27,000

(lively music playing) – So Magic: The Gathering is the godfather of trading card games. And the idea of the game was to give you something to do while you’re at a Comic Con. So while you’re waiting to see your favorite artist, or to see your favorite actor, or to see a panel by […]

How to Play Lightseekers The Card Game

​Welcome to this brief overview of the Lightseekers Trading Card Game.It’s a game that’s deceptively simple, with a wealth of depth and complexity to discover for yourself.Take on the role of a powerful hero, collect winning action cards and devastating combos, then defeat your opponents and reign victorious. There are six Orders in the game – […]