How many levels in table tennis ?

How many levels are there in table tennis? 2, 3 or 4? And how to improve your level? Welcome back to PingSunday, and I’m EmRatThich. Today, let’s talk about the levels and skills in table tennis. This video has the subtitle in English, Indonesian, Indian, Vietnamese, German, French, and more. I recommend you to turn […]

✅ Трушкин – Никифоров 3:1 прогноз|02.04.2020|настольный теннис

good evening to all desktop enthusiasts tennis at 21:30 Moscow Anatoly trushkin and Oleg Nikiforov fight full-time confrontation this league rules the channel sports betting brand and we are with you move on to personal meetings Trushkin met against Nikiforov on April 1 this is the latest data here is a certain the fruit was […]

❌ Мягков – Шагаров 0:3 прогноз|02.04.2020|настольный теннис

I welcome all desktop enthusiasts tennis 12:30 Moscow league pro Sergey soft and alexey shagarov will pass face-to-face meeting you are on the channel brand sport rating and let’s move on to full-time confrontation if we had no statistics of three recent matches between these tennis players it was possible to talk about the fact […]

❌ Яншаев – Меркушин 0:3 прогноз|01.04.2020|настольный теннис

good evening to all lovers of desktop tennis you channel brand sport beating alexey yanshaev yuri merkushin will pass the match in the league about Moscow, we’ll go straight to statistics here are not much to say I will just note that kenzhaev has a huge advantage before merkushin to them we see that the […]

✅ Грибков – Артеев 1:3 прогноз|01.04.2020|настольный теннис

I welcome all desktop enthusiasts tennis at 16:00 Moscow Alexander fungus timothy arteev will be full-time meeting on the channel mark sport rating go to the statistics here and tennis players meet today and we won and fungi and artey we we see that Arteev had a little to try the third set was too […]

❌ Меркушин – Иванов 3:0 прогноз|31.03.2020|настольный теннис

in league pro in moscow there will be a match between Yuri Merkushin and Victor Ivanov this is a league right channel brand sports betting i will help you figure out who is in this confrontation must win before we will move with you would recommend your partner molped and go on link in description […]

Стратегия на настольный теннис|выиграл 1 миллион рублей

I welcome all fans to bet on the sport many of us who poses want to have some strategy that they could bring a stable income but now just the same I would like on my example show you how exactly mine works strategy if you are not interested then you can turn off the […]

❌ Королев – Трушкин 1:3 прогноз|30.03.2020|настольный теннис

greetings to all desktop enthusiasts tennis at 16:00 Moscow time in the pro league Pavel Korolev and Anatoly Trushkin will play between you on the channel mark sports betting and let’s look at statistics Trushkin Anatoly with us met king paul tonight the queen was twice stronger see outplayed with the same score 2 3 […]

King of the table [Pongfinity]

Today we are playing king of the table The winner stays on, first to 11 points wins And there’s a special rule if you win 3 points in a row Lets go! Two same colors start You start What happened there Are you okay I could say that’s there’s not enough room here Are you […]

❌ Кузьмин – Ширшов 3:0 прогноз|30.03.2020|настольный теннис

I welcome all desktop enthusiasts tennis 17:30 Moscow time in the league about Sergey Kuzmin Vasily Shirshov will spend between a match you channel sports brand betting and before we are with you touch on the statistics note that the shisha will need to play two matches this is a match against raven and against […]