Table Tennis Hardbat So Fun! Zhang Jike vs Yan Weihao

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Hardbat table tennis is so fun! You will see in this video Zhang Jike laughing at Liu Guoliang hardbat’s skill. He is also excited and shout “OK!” after winning one point. You won’t believe this.

Fidget Spinner vs. Table Tennis

Welcome back to the channel of EmRatThich Fidget spinner is becoming a new trend. It’s a simple toy that allows people to spin the plastic along its axis with little effort. Today, let’s compare Fidget spinner versus table tennis. Looks like everyone is in love with this “Fidget Spinner”. People loves seeing and playing with […]


Cho-le! Cho-le! Not-ready! Cheater! No! Si! Non! Ja! Nein! Hey, welcome back to EmRatThich’s channel. Today is weekend and it’s time to have some porn. Oh, no I mean “have some fun”. Today, I will show you 5 types of Cheaters in table tennis”. Number 1, Master of edge. Legend of ball. Number 3, Champion […]