DUMB STUFF with MARIO – SMG4 @ PAX 2017 | Glitch Productions

♪Swish Swish♪ *Kevin’s Epic and Sexy Hobo Dance* ♪Parasail♪ Kevin: And go! SMG4: Hello you sexy hobos! Kevin: What is up everybody? We are at PAX! SMG4:Yes,we are! Kevin: 2017 in Melbourne Are you excited,SMG4? SMG4: Yeah! I am ready to play some… Uhh…. Any kids games Kevin: I Don’t know they like kiddie rides […]

Auto Chess Game Trailer – Oyun Tanıtım

Mega Man 1 – Part 1: Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Hello! My name is Nathaniel Hoover, I am a staff writer for GameCola.net, and this is a video review/walkthrough/showoff video of the original Mega Man, which, if you were paying attention at the title screen, is Rockman. That’s because I’m playing the Japanese version. But, aside from the title screen and the name change, there’s […]

Minni: The Super Girl | Cartoon For Girls | Kids Learning Video | Snake and ladders l Kids games

Minni: The Super Girl | Cartoon For Girls

If Video Games Were Real

(man) PS3 is better than Xbox and Wii is for little girls! (Ian) Shut up! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Your tank was upside-down, and then your Master Chief guy just came up and flipped it right back over? – Yeah. – Yeah, that’s really realistic. Okay. Name one game that would still be fun […]

Heart chess episode 3 Movements of some pieces 2

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Hello! My name is John. In this video I will continue talking about the movements of the pieces in a heart chess. I will start with a knight. Knight moves horizontally or vertically two squares and one square. I’d like to show it with pegs. It can move […]

Heart chess episode 2 Movements of some pieces 1

yeah yeah Hello! My name is John. Today i will talk about the movements of some pieces in a heart chess. Let’s start with a king. As you know, when you capture the king the game is over. The king can move in any direction one square. here here and here. If there is a […]