Yale Graduate Takes The SAT As An Adult

-What the [bleep] is a radian!? Oh my god I have to read all this crap?! Here I am, a 30 year old man, walking into a high school. I placed last in my fantasy football league, and my punishment was to take the SATs. I feel like I just got rocked. The punishment kinda […]

How to Study Effectively: 8 Advanced Tips – College Info Geek

A really huge portion of the study tips you’ll get from professors and other people who want you to be better in school and maybe that you’ll find here on YouTube are really basic. They’ll tell you to sit in front in class, scan your textbooks instead of reading every single chapter. Bring your cat […]

How to Learn Faster with the Feynman Technique (Example Included)

There’s this pretty well known quote that gets thrown around a lot and it’s often attributed to Albert Einstein and it goes, Now whether or not Einstein was the person who actually said this, let’s be real he probably wasn’t, it’s still really insightful and reversing it reveals a pretty powerful piece of study advice. […]