How to Play The Card Game Bridge | Tutorial 3 | Play Tricks

Great so we just finished sorting our hands, you’ve got your cards, and now we’re ready to learn the fundamental unit of the play of the game of bridge, which is called the “trick”. And let me tell you, it’s not that tricky! For the first trick, Frida leads the two of clubs, and then […]

Card Games: SI Plays Capitalism! Playthrough and Pseudo-walkthrough

Jesse: Hold up, I had to get my vision back. Jesse: The games run a lot faster when there’s less people. [Muffled metal music plays in the background] Jesse: Stacking ’em up like…like poker chips! Jose: I feel like I’ll gain presidency (back). Jesse: No, I think people will be voting me in for a […]

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game – Expansion Trailer | PS4

In the game of kings, one must remain vigilant… …lest lesser men take advantage. My advisors speak of strategy like chess… …yet beasts need no such thing to dominate. We must invest in our arms and capabilities… …or see our strategy fail unfairly. Our foes will not hesitate to bare their full strength. And neither […]

The Chess Elements Explained by GM Yasser Seirawan

Hello, everyone, and welcome to something very, very different. I’m gonna be your host, Chess Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan for the next 40 minutes, 60 minutes. I’m gonna do an online lesson, something that, well, maybe is very unusual for Chessbrah. So as we begin our, let’s say, lesson today, one of the things I think […]