Brewstew – The Real Pooter?

Alright, now some of you may know that I have a cat named Tiffany. But a lot of you don’t know that we have another cat as well. And the story of how we got this cat begins two years ago, when my wife and I were having a bonfire in our backyard. We had […]

Hide and Seek | English for Children | English for Kids

Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, coming! Ready or not! Oh, hey, hello boys and girls. I am playing hide and seek with Maggie. Can you see her? Oh hey, I think she is under the slide. Hey, let´s go and surprise her. Come on. Shhh, we have to be quiet because […]

Be Wary of Playing One-Man Hide and Seek – Creepypasta Story Time // Something Scary | Snarled

Hide And Seek Gone Wrong | Sketchy Saturday

Okay, so when I was about nine’ish or ten I went to my neighbor’s birthday party. Every kid there was having a fun time. Me, my sister, my brother and the neighbors wanted to play hide and seek and this one girl, let’s call her Emma, wanted to play too. She was a family friend […]

Story Time With Backpackers | Out of Your Comfort Zone? | Backpacker Series

He’s got very intense nazi and swastika regalia all over himself It would probably have to be when I tried to go farming in Australia to get my second year visa. So we were really excited drove all the way there and we were in the middle of nowhere. It took us 3 hours to […]

Surprise with Steve and Maggie on TV + More | Funny Stories for Kids | ESL Story Time with Wow TV

Hey, where’s Steve? Maggie? Hey, hehe. Maggie, I am here? Aha. Oh hey, Hello boys and girls. I am playing blind man’s birth with Maggie. She is trying to catch me. Got you. You got me. Yeah, got you. Ok. My turn to put on a blindfold, your turn to hide. Off you go. Ok, […]