25 Everyday Things That Are Statistically Deadlier Than Sharks

25. According to the American toy-related deaths and injuries calendar for 2013–2014 six children between the ages of 5 and 12 died from latex balloons. They don’t specify how the deaths occurred but we think choking is the most likely cause. 24.You wouldn’t really think of vending machines as deadly would you? But these beasts […]

A Markovian Journey through Statland [Markov chains probability animation, stationary distribution]

[MUSIC PLAYING] JOE BLITZSTEIN: Ana Markov works as a quality inspector for a company called Normal Distributors. The company has manufacturing plants in five cities. Ana routinely conduct surprise inspections at each site to check for abnormalities. She flies from city to city randomly through airports with direct connecting flights. Every time she performs an […]

Why underdogs do better in hockey than basketball

If you were to put sports and games on a continuum, where the outcomes reflect pure skill on the right side, and pure luck on the left side, where would the big team sports go? Somewhere in the middle right? But in what order? There’s actually a way to estimate that using statistics, and this […]

Chess – Intro to Descriptive Statistics

You’ve seen how important it is to visualize data sets with histograms, in order to analyze the shape. We want to analyze the shape so that we can think critically about the mean, median and mode to describe the data set. In a skewed distribution, the mean, median and mode differ from each other. And […]