Promoting Indonesia: SPIEL 2019 (board & card games) feat. Dimas Wisudawan [SUB INA & ENG]

Hello everyone ! With us is my colleague, Dimas Hi ! How are you? Fine thanks. Are you doing fine as well? Yes, always super Thank you so much for your time With pleasure However, before we begin, I must ask you You can speak Bahasa Indonesia right? Of course! Of course! I was afraid […]

Color Brain von Game Factory, Party-Quiz

Jumbo iPawn: Fishing Game mit “echten” Angeln am iPad

Today we want to have a look on the fishing game from the iPawn series by Jumbo. It comes in a small box and is played on the iPad as soon as you downloaded the app. This game series combines the advantages of a boardgames and the digital world. It comes at least in four […]

BONK von Game Factory, Brettspiel

It’s fast! It’s frantic! It’s fun!

Essen 2015 – jeu Portal of Morth – Abba games – VOSTFR

you sorry Simon the redirects newsom ice and pour avoir in something personal all set sir estando Abba games just feet away q Buster land and a twat co-designer portal of moles hi Buster how are you doing hi I’m very well thank you very much so are you one of the designer of portal […]

Auto Chess Guide | Die 5 häufigsten Fragen von Anfängern beantwortet! Deutsch / German

[INTRO-MUSIK] Einen wunderschönen guten Tag! Hier ist wieder Cirouss und willkommen zu meinem nächsten Auto Chess Video! Da mir im Stream immer wieder die gleiche Fragen gestellt werden, die sich einfach immer wieder wiederholen, dachte ich mir, ich mach mal ein Video dazu und beantworte einfach mal die häufigst gestellten Fragen. Speziell von Anfängern, aber […]

FIMO Turm: Polymer Clay Chess Rook – Tutorial [HD/DE] (EN-Sub)

On the chess board each side has two chess towers, which are called rook in English. One game figure guarding the kingside, the other one the queenside. The rook can run as much as he wants. Forwards, backwards and sideways, but not diagonally. It can run on white and black playing fields. The rooks are […]