26-Pound Gummy Python is a 7 foot long candy snake!

Hello, guys. This is Roger Wilding, CEO of Giant Gummy Candy, and I’m a huge fan of your commercials. And hopefully, you’ve seen our new giant seven-foot-long gummy snake, and I want you guys to create our national commercial campaign. It’s going to be huge. Seriously, we’re all going to be sipping champ down in […]

Snake Attack at the Lynnhaven River, GoPro Edit | Sketch

Yes Mam There was no Jellyfish caught No Jellyfish Wow! Yeah Oh no Oh it’s a snake Oh no! What’s that? The Legend of the Snake! Bow! Left Front Gangsta Signs!

Jani and Esa in World Amateur Chess Championships in Greece 2015 5/9

The Golden Dawn of Greece is the best thing I know. I own 4 cigarettes to the chief arbiter. I have to pay them back. Dr. Lubinstein! It’s me! Dr. Lubinstein. Did you know that foam comes from ancient Greece. Let me bathe in peace for I am naked. Halfway! Woooot! Silly women, cleaning doesn’t […]


Oh here you are! Hi you Ludovikos, this is Ludovik. I hope you’re doing good, it’s been a long time! Hi, how are you? I’m too nice for my own good Take everything, son Thanks, that’s very kind Today I’m going to answer one of your comments I’m going to answer Stephanie78 who says “Are […]


Sheetal wear screen, What will come after it ? Cloth No, cloth will not come. Why ? If I’m saying it will not come, then it will not. Brother don’t show over confidence. I’m not showing any over confidence. Naitik brother you do the same in Ludo also. I don’t do in Ludo. You do. […]

Tournament Fighter – SNL

Black Jeopardy with Chadwick Boseman – SNL

Snake Bites Eric’s Crotch | Cold-Blooded Trivia #1

Have you fed them recently? Fortunately, we fed them last week. Oh, thanks. Hey, guys. Welcome to a new Vat19 game. We have snake lover Brian Barczyk here to help us out. Our two contestants will lay in Plexiglas coffins and try to answer reptile-themed questions. For each wrong answer, Brian will add his slithery […]

The ‘Smart Guy’ When T.J. Met A Pedophile On The Internet

(gentle music) – [Narrator] TJ wants $55 for a computer game called Starship Doctor. His dad say, “No dice.” Meanwhile, Marcus and Moe went splitsies on a piece of shit car that set them back a cool six hundo. Karen tells TJ about a kid, named Marky412 she’s been talking to in a chat room, […]

Tom et Ludo – Le cadeau

I got you something! No? Seriously? So you remembered? Happy Birthday! Ahh, you rule! What’s this? Is it an Iphone? No, it’s an Xbox! Is it an Xbox ? I bet it’s an Xbox ! I bet it’s a… That’s cool! Ain’t it? No way. No seriously, where is my present? Well, that’s it, i […]