Heidi Klum Plays ‘Who’d You Rather?’

So you’re very, very busy. And do you take time to have like a personal life? A dating life? Well not right now. I’m very single and very ready to mingle. You’re ready to mingle? Yeah. Have you tried the apps? No, but I mean it couldn’t be better than being here right now. Yeah. […]

Single Rules 1.1 – Pilot

Here you should keep these. I really like you. I really like you too! You know I had a lot of fun at the hockey game. Yeah, well it’s a whole different experience when it’s the play offs. Really glad you invited me. Me too. Do you wanna come in? I don’t have sex on […]

What’s Your Status | Web Series | Episode1 – Sunday | Cheers!

Manipal!!! I’ve fallen in love with this city! Though I had never thought that I’ll ever step out of Delhi… So, falling in love was unimagined! Neither would I’ve gone crazy for doing MBA… Nor would I’ve developed the obsession to bell the CAT! And then 8 months back, my luck along with the CAT […]