Oprah and Ellen Answer Ellen’s Burning Questions

[music playing] Oh, hey, there. I’m here with the one-and-only Oprah today. We’re both in the hot seat to answer my burning questions. Favorite smell in the world? Gardenia. Lemon and eucalyptus. Favorite word that begins with O? Rio. [laughing] That doesn’t begin with O. – Oreo. – Oreo! Oh, I thought you said Rio, […]

Hubba Hubba Quiz Quiz: Rehearsal vs. Real Live Show

[hip-hop music] [epic music] [wolf whistle] [player piano music] It’s time to play our first ever Hubba-Hubba Quiz-Quiz. Let’s bring out our contestants! [upbeat music] [cheering] [upbeat game show music] Hi. Hi! You’re Matt? Yeah. You’re Frankie? I am. You would be Matt. That’s my name. Yes, and you would be Frankie? Correct. What founding […]

Charlie Puth Plays Who’d You Rather?

[music playing] You’re single right now, right? Are you on dating websites? I’m actually not single right now– Oh, you’re not. –but I went through like a whole– no, I’m in a relationship. Oh, good. I went through this whole thing. When I was on your show last, I was talking about it. I’m kind […]

Too Hot for TV: Demi Lovato and Ellen Play 5 Second Rule

[music playing] All right, we’re back with Demi Lovato, who revealed that she is working on an R-rated version of the Disney film Camp Rock. So we’re going to play a special version of Five Second Rule. [music playing] All right. Ellen, what are three things you shouldn’t do in a movie theater? [ticking] Oh, […]

Will Smith and Ellen Play 5 Second Rule