Letter to My Future Self

(slow piano music) (mail slams down) (door creaks) – Hey, how was school? – It was okay. – Okay. (knocking) (sighs) – You got a letter. – Okay. Whatever. – Not whatever, look! This is the letter you wrote to yourself when you were 8. They mailed it back. – Alright. – what’s the matter? […]

Hide And Seek Gone Wrong | Sketchy Saturday

Okay, so when I was about nine’ish or ten I went to my neighbor’s birthday party. Every kid there was having a fun time. Me, my sister, my brother and the neighbors wanted to play hide and seek and this one girl, let’s call her Emma, wanted to play too. She was a family friend […]

Vodro Baper Fajil Pola/ ভদ্র বাপের ফাজিল পোলা/ Bangla New funny Video 2018/shapon khan vlogs

LUDO | Short Film by Ishan Jain | OCD FILMS

So it has come this far. There’s no need to overreact. Shit happens. Move on. Yeah.. That’s what I was.. Sssshhhh (Interrupts) Don’t you say a word. Why? Why shouldn’t I? Because betrayal doesn’t have an answer. Betrayal? Yes. And it’s worse when it comes from someone close. [Accusing tone] You guys are best friends […]

“DO NO HARM” |DRAMA| – @chess.brown

you see as doctors take this oath hypocritical to be exact where we basically vow to never intentionally harm our patients…that we would always do our best to aim for the preservation of life. I know what you’re thinking… What if it’s an abortion? What if the patient’s brain dead? What if his family request […]

OUIJA BOARD – horror short film (2019)

Car will only go this far. We’re gonna have to walk from here. Is it far from here? A little bit. Let’s go. Maybe we should wait for him It’s alright. He knows the place. He will get there. I gotta say, am already feeling uncomfortable about this Everything is set, right? Yeah. Everything is […]

Cream by David Firth

After six years of splitting, stretching, and firing distorted particles at one another, we finally have a product. Cream. Facial blemishes will be a thing of the past. How about this botched nose job? This amputated stub isn’t a challenge for Cream. Hold on! How’s that possible? Using our smart awareness system, Cream detects the […]

The Chess Tribute – Short Film

Ladies & Gentlemen…Boys & Girls… Welcome to the 75th Annual Chess Game TRIBUTE! Here we have Section 15’s Clark Heartwell… …and Section 45’s Micah Kendricks. It seems like that they’re going to be string a chess set just by now. And I believe that they’re going to start the game just by now. Hmm…looks like […]

Chessboard (Short film, 2017)

A chess game is optic and plastic, a mechanized reality The pawns themselves are not beautiful, nor is the form of the game, But what is really beautiful, – if we are allowed to use the word beautiful- is the movement. They say that life is like a giant Chessboard And so, I decided to […]

The Girl Without a Phone – a Beauty and the Beast Story

homecoming queen football quarterback how perfect is that sounds legendary no one would be better by my side are you asking me to be your date to the dance I’m giving you the opportunity to ask me look I don’t even know if I want to go to the dance Nikki I got way too […]