Kid Expert Xander Rynerson Teaches Alec Baldwin About Science

[APPLAUSE] Oh, my goodness. I’m so excited. I was so excited to meet you! You know, people called me Xander when I was a child. My name was Xander. Alexander. They called me Xander. And I saw in the clip before you came out, that you never finished telling us about the lifecycle of a […]

Reese Witherspoon Is Left Stunned in ‘Danger Word’

We’re back with Reese Witherspoon. Since we’re both very competitive and Game of Games is all new tomorrow night, we thought we’d play one of our favorites. It’s called Danger Word. All right, we’re going to meet our contestants. Which one are you? Hi. Hi, I’m Danielle. I’m from San Diego. And I’m an animal […]