Developer Update | Experimental Mode: Triple Damage | Overwatch

What’s up, everyone? This is Jeff with the Overwatch Team. Very exciting Developer Update today, because in the last Developer Update I mentioned that we would be bringing you something very special, which we call the Experimental Card. Well, we are now on the eve of the Experimental Card going live. And that’s to say […]

Developer Update | Experimentation & Hero Pools | Overwatch

Hi, everyone. This is Jeff with the Overwatch Team. Really excited to be back here in 2020 for our first Developer Update. So, everyone on the Overwatch Team listens to and gets a ton of feedback about the game, and we love hearing from you. And in the past few months, I would say – […]

Um, Actually: Make-Up, Maps, and Mythical Dragons

– Joining us today we have Shane Crown. – Good afternoon. – Siobhan Thompson. – Good evening. – And Brennan Lee Mulligan. – Good luck. – I’ve here a stack of false statements about the properties that you love or some other nerds somewhere love. It’s up to you to find the thing that’s wrong […]

Szulamit (2008 – with English Subtitle) The Full Movie

We are shooting a sci-fi movie here, in Szekcső. The story is about – I’ll try to keep it short so it’s about a man and a woman. The movie is about their encounter. The man meets a woman who can dig out his memories. As a matter of fact, these memories are like pieces […]