Top 15 Scary Hide and Seek Stories

15. Grave yard Hide-and-Seek Have you ever played hide-and-seek in a grave yard? It’s probably a good idea not to, as you’ll learn from this scary story, posted on reddit by Prancing_Unicorn. The Redditor says that she and her friends decided to play a late-night game of hide-and-seek in an abandoned local grave yard in […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro today, I’m hanging out with Mat Howdy-ho, you guys know Matt Pat I’ll be putting his links down below Go subscribe show him some love He was such a good sport to come hang out with me today because I got this game And I really wanted to play it and […]

DO NOT PLAY WITH CHUCKY AT 3AM!! One Man Hide and Seek Overnight Challenge Gone Wrong!

hey guys Jade here but Rose Hill it’s state I am in we’re gonna do the one man ing challenge with Chucky ice truckey before and I melt myself to him but personally I know how to handle him so never do this at home kids is not safe if you don’t know what you’re […]

PAPA JAKE HAS BEEN CAPTURED!! He Won’t Escape The Hacker

hey yo what’s going on guys it’s Papa Jake here and as you know we are currently on the run from what we believe are either hackers spies or potentially worse we were able to make it back to our house after the last video we had to escape the haunted woods at 3 a.m. […]

Detectives Play Clue

– My name is Bradley A. Fanner, I’m a private investigator from Modesto, California. – I’m Investigator Maki Kudaka, I specialize in criminal defense and surveillance. – I’m Investigator Tim Helton from Tim Helton Investigations. I never played Clue as a kid and this is gonna be a unique opportunity. (door creaking) (woman screams) (old […]


Hello everybody! My name is Tommy and I’m here with Funtime Freddy! me and Funtime Freddy are going to be doing a puppet show with Bonnet and Bon-Bon! You’re gonna be using Bon-Bon and I’m going to be using Bonnet Where is Bonnet? And why are you not holding Bon-Bon? w-wait… Bon-Bon ran off… Why… […]

Scary Games – The Illuminati Card Game

To start off, I would like to say that this card game really exists, and it can be bought. You can decide for yourself if you want to believe that it is a theory and we’re all gonna die, but you can’t deny that this card game can’t be coincidence. Before telling the whole story, […]

DEADLY Sea Snake Encounter!

– Watch your footing, this is really slippery. Oh, cool, check this out, we got a little cove, this could be a perfect spot to find creatures. Come on up. – [Voiceover] This is slippery. – You good? Yeah, watch your footing. All right, going down in there. Oh, there’s an eel! – [Voiceover] Nice! […]