How to play: 20-Second Showdown – A Fast and Frantic Challenge Game

Hi I’m Big Potato Ben and here’s how to play our random challenge party game 20 second showdown! woohoo First you’ll need a judge they control the sounds of time and read the challenges they’re in charge, so no messing around now split into two teams team yellow and team blue tip the timer to […]

How to play: The Chameleon – The Family Party Game

Hi it’s Big Potato Becky here and this is how to play our sneaky social bluffing game The Chameleon choose the green or blue code card decks doesn’t matter which you use as long as you’re all using the same color take the chameleon code card and additional code cards from your chosen deck until […]

How to play Blockbuster – A Movie Game for Anyone Who’s Ever Seen a Movie

Bring home the entertainment again with The Blockbuster game here’s how to play to start, set up your Blockbuster parking lot then split into two teams for the first half two players go head-to-head in the movie buzzer battle flip over a head-to-head card and shout out the challenge whenever you think of a film […]