The Real Rules of Table Tennis – Service Rules – Sports Interrogation

Welcome to Sports Interrogation – bringing you sports without the spin. In tonight’s episode we are introducing a new special feature, the Real Rules of Table Tennis. Ever been playing a table tennis match and found your opponent was getting away with murder, while the umpire did nothing about it? Chances are that you were […]

Essential Table Tennis Rules | PingSkills

Welcome to PingSkills lessons, we are here to talk about some of the rules. On our website you will be able to download some of the important rules and we are going to through a few of the common questions for you now. We are going to play some points now and just give you […]

How to Play Smash Up! Card Game [B&C Review 001]

Good evening and welcome! Come on in. Pull up a seat. We’ve saved a chair for you. Ah, the age-old question: which is more awesome, pirates or ninjas? Will we solve the years-old Internet debate today? No! I reject your dilemma; I will have both! Smash-up is an over-the-top competitive card game in the genre […]

Is the side of the table in or out | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Is the side of the table considered in our out? The rule states that the ball has to hit the top of the table to be in. If it hits the side it’s out. Now the only time this is a real issue is if they have hit the ball from outside the line of […]

Warhammer Quest: the adventure card game – Preview (ITA – sub ENG)

Hi! And welcome to GDT Live This is going to be a very special preview, because we are goin to talk about a game announced just a week ago! Words can’t describe how excited I am about this game! We’re going to talk about a classic game, that has a special place in the heart […]

The Rules of Olympic Weightlifting – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Olympic Weightlifting The object of the game is to lift more combined weight than your opponents. Weightlifting, sometimes referred to as Olympic Weightlifting is a true test of strength and power. Weightlifters are separated into weight class and must successfully lift a barbell with weights over their heads with complete […]

The Rules of Tennis – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Tennis Tennis, is a game played as singles (where one person plays against one person) or doubles (where two people play against two people). The object of the game is for you or your team to score more points and to win sets faster than the opposing player or team. […]

Why Lord El-Melloi II Fails at Mystery Writing

Hello & Welcome – To Replay Value Critical response on Case Files has been pretty sour and I’m inclined to agree – it’s not that the characters aren’t good, in fact I’d argue that they along with the soundtrack, are bright spots in an otherwise murky soup – but rather that from a writing perspective […]