Lion PAVISE | review | #tabletennisexperts

Lion Pavise – we got a prototype rubber for test and rate! PAVISE from Greek means stop. The anti-spin rubber already in the letter itself contains that the offensive player on the other side has to stop because he won’t do anything to him. In ancient Greece, heroic mythological battles counted. Nobody thought about the […]

Lion Trident | review | #tabletennisexperts

The trident is a type of melee weapon that was used by fishermen to hunt larger fish and octopus. The trident is an attribute of the Greek Poseidon, Roman Neptune – the patron of Gdańsk. This review is recorded in Gdansk. The trident was also used in gladiator fights – it was used to finish […]

Yinhe (Milkyway) MOON SPEED review, Soft & Medium versions of cheap but good rubber

Hello! My name is Aleksei Sypachevskii and it’s TT-Maximum channel. I’m going to tell you about rubber Moon Speed by famous company Yinhe (Milkyway). It’s hybrid rubber. A hybrid between Chinese sticky rubber and tensor. But it’s closer to tensor by characteristics. I’m going to tell you what this rubber is really like, how it’s […]

Table Tennis | MA Long Vs Timo BOLL | World Cup | Belgium Open 2017 | Semi Final Highlights

Table Tennis – MA Long Vs Timo BOLL – World Cup – Belgium Open 2017 – Semi Final Highlights


It sometimes happens in table tennis fields. Small! Small! Smaaaall! A bad rally before the game Let’s start a game. A bad manner that someone does. Come on. Nice serve! Nice serve! Nice serve! The people who blame their tools. Rubber! Table! Ball! The people who always blame their rubber Rubber! Rubber! Rubbeeeeeeeer! It sometimes […]

Pt 3: One Piece Prototype vs 40mm vs 38mm Table Tennis Balls – Players Impressions

[Me] What about visibility, did you find that ball easier to see… the new one? – Yeah, only because it’s a lot bigger. – Bigger. [Me] Could you actually tell the difference between all three? – Yes, you could see the difference in size. – Yes. – [Me] Even between the 40mm? – Yeah you […]

Recenzja Friendship Focus III Energy Agregation #tabletennis

Hello Today I was playing Friendship Focus III Energy Aggregation I tested it on my board DHS PG 2 I played one training with this cladding one training was enough for this cover to be dodged so it is very pleasant for sure allround I assess the cladding performance at a very high level at […]

How To Beat Long Pips Players – Table Tennis University

The long pips if you have a key there that means you know when the long pips push it’s no spin and you loop, they chop back it’s backspin. So, okay, we’re going to show some. So when the long pips push this one it’s no spin. This one’s bottom spin. This one’s no spin. […]

How Table Tennis Rubber is Made

The making of table tennis rubber Popular among the young and old The surprisingly little-known manufacturing process of the red and black rubbers on the racket 1. Coloring of Topsheet 2. Molding of Topsheet 3. Milling of Sponge 4. Molding and Slicing of SpongeGluing the rubber 1. Coloring of Topsheet Mill the raw material with […]