Chess- Death Battle Edition

There are only sounds

Tàn Cuộc Xe Với Tượng || Cờ Vua Tàn Cuộc || Playchess1vn

Welcome to playchess1vn. This is the channel to share everything about chess. If this is your first time watching the channel Subscribe to the channel to receive new videos, soonest. You guys try to watch the whole video because at the end of the video I have a puzzle for you! The main content of […]

139 Paehtz vs Zawadzka

Hello and welcome to – Creativity through games, chapter 139: “Women power in action!” Elisabeth Pähtz (born in 1985) is a German Woman Grandmaster. She is the daughter to a German Grandmaster and married to an Italian Grandmaster. At the Women World Championship held in Antakya, Turkey, in 2010, she played in White against […]

Mynnnat Chess game#17 – Geller Vs Gufeld

Hello and welcome to – Creativity through games, chapter 17: Efim vs. Efimovich – a nice creative lesson In the following Blitz game, Geller, playing White, seems to have the advantage after giving up some pieces to improve his tactical position . As you can see, towards the end of the game, he is […]

Meet the Bishops!

Now that we’ve learned the rook I think it’s time we double your knowledge don’t you? Let’s learn our second piece, which is the bishop. A lot of kids think the bishop has his mouth open because he’s ready to eat some pieces. Before we can do some eating we have to set the table […]

Meet the Rook!

Are you wondering why chess is more exciting than checkers? Well for one thing some of the chess pieces can move a lot farther than they can in checkers. Today, you get to be a rook! “But wait a minute I want to be a fireman!” Ok, ok, you can be a fireman later in […]

Three folds repetition (In Chess October Part 8)

Occupying the center Opponent doesn’t want to occupy the center Control the center with another pawn Trying to make sure something defensive for development Protecting my kingside with a blocking knight Putting another pawn in the center Advancing his knight Advancing my bishop Looks like I have a good center Check! blocking move! Chasing the […]

Win By Using Time Pressure in a game of Chess (Oct Part 7)

Thinking of defensive moves after the development of pieces Trying some simple defensive move Blocking the advancement of black bishop Hoping a mistake from him but he did defend. Good defense by black I am forced to move so I sac the bishop Defending the king using castling Forcing my queen to back off Moving […]

Lucky chess win where I try defending (Oct Part 5)

Having a defensive game in mind Defends my own queen Defends my center pawn Blocks his queen check Defends my pawn with my queen Trying some fork tricks if he is not careful backs off my bishop Dangerous queen but I can block him with my queen The pawn move gives space for my queen […]

World Champion’s technique | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user Xakka

So let’s go, I’m playing against an IM from… no an FM from Yemen. And we are off. Think I had this position in an earlier banter blitz in both white and black. In general, not the most critical way of playing against the fits but I guess that… little extra central control still counts […]