LGR Oddware – DOS PC Action Replay: The Ultimate Game Buster

[jazzy jazz music] [floppy drive sounds] Greetings and welcome to LGR Oddware! Where we’re taking a look at hardware and software that is odd, forgotten, and obsolete. And this time around we’ve got this right here the PC Action Replay from Datel for MS-DOS-based PCs from the early 90s. And yeah, this is a little […]

๐Ÿ†• Can a 1987 Amiga beat an iMac at Chess? REMATCH! Battle Chess ๐Ÿ†š Stockfish ๐Ÿ†š Chessmaster 2000

on the menu today Queens and an Amiga versus iMac chess rematch with some surprising twists now let’s get cooking that’s a good one oh hello chip dippers welcome to retro recipes now in that recent video we pitted the Amiga 500 against the MacBook to see who would win at chess. she’s not that […]

Can an 80s computer beat a new one at Chess?! Amiga vs Mac โ™Ÿ๐Ÿ•น๏ธ 1987 vs 2020

What? I was not expecting that! Wow. WOW. Yeah. Oh hello, chip dippers. Welcome to Retro Recipes now. I had a lot of fun with that recent video. Which is faster Commodore 64 or a MacBook Pro? and the other day we were watching one of our favorite movies War Games for about the 64th […]

The Apple IIe on a Card

The dawn of the personal computer age really started around 1977 with the introduction of the Commodore PET, Apple II, and TRS-80. These were the first truly affordable computers that didn’t require a customer to assemble it from a kit. All 3 of these computers had some success in the education market. But during the […]

LGR – Quiz Quest – PC Game Review

[typing] This is Quiz Quest, released in 1997 by Expert Software, and according to my sources, it’s the little-known sequel to Chex Quest, the prequel to King’s Quest, and the spiritual successor to Titan Quest. Huh? Oh, well, I guess my sources are a pile of crap. This is just a random, standalone trivia game […]


Video game hero, he is the legendary soldier of the Metal Gear saga, badass spy and is incontestably the most charismatic and most marking character in the world of video games. Hi everyone it’s Ico, and today you chose to focus the spotlights on Solid Snake. So, I jus want to warn you right away, […]

Game Analysis | Snake Pass – Reinventing Locomotion

Snake Pass, developed by Sumo Digital, is probably one of the most unique 3D platformers in recent years. Unlike most platformers or most video games in general, instead of controlling a humanoid character, the player instead controls a snake named Noodle. And as a further break from the norm, the animal character you control doesn’t […]

Prototype vs Retail – Game Sack

(Game Sack Theme) – Hello, and welcome to Game Sack. Now, games have to be finished before they’re released, right? I mean, not these days, they’re released without being finished all the time. But, back in the 8, and the 16-bit, and even the 32-bit days, they were done before they were released. At least […]

P0 Snake C64 Review | Antonio Savona

Okay here is my latest purchse for the Commodore 64, it’s called P0-Snake. It’s a terrific game, I’ve had a lot of fun playing it. Inside the case here, we have the stickers that came with it and we have the cartridge that it came with, which is a clear case. This game by the […]

Snake game coding tutorial in html javascript โ˜… play snake on smartphone โ˜… free web games

Hoe maak je een game zoals snake voor op een website. Ga naar naar martinhaenen.nl en speel het nu! In deze video laat ik je zien hoe ik dit spel gemaakt heb. Zelf heb ik via flexwebhosting mijn domeinnaam geregeld. martinhaenen.nl en ik kan bestanden op een server plaatsen. Ik gebruik een gratis ftp programma […]