New ZX Spectrum Next PLUS ! & A tape that doesn’t exist ?!

[AUTOMATIC CAPTIONS BY YOUTUBE] on the menu today a review with a twist [AUTOMATIC CAPTIONS BY YOUTUBE] it’s the more advanced spectrum next [AUTOMATIC CAPTIONS BY YOUTUBE] plus model plus a CPM chess and restoring a tape that doesn’t exist we better get cooking no that’s the Commodore 64 yeah oh hello chip dippers welcome […]

πŸ†• Can a 1987 Amiga beat an iMac at Chess? REMATCH! Battle Chess πŸ†š Stockfish πŸ†š Chessmaster 2000

on the menu today Queens and an Amiga versus iMac chess rematch with some surprising twists now let’s get cooking that’s a good one oh hello chip dippers welcome to retro recipes now in that recent video we pitted the Amiga 500 against the MacBook to see who would win at chess. she’s not that […]

Can an 80s computer beat a new one at Chess?! Amiga vs Mac β™ŸπŸ•ΉοΈ 1987 vs 2020

What? I was not expecting that! Wow. WOW. Yeah. Oh hello, chip dippers. Welcome to Retro Recipes now. I had a lot of fun with that recent video. Which is faster Commodore 64 or a MacBook Pro? and the other day we were watching one of our favorite movies War Games for about the 64th […]