The Clever Snake

A feeling of great joy filled the town, as people came out of their houses. as we all gathered around. I recall the rustle in the bushes, as the green leaves flew, up into the air, the wind took them as it blew, blew, blew! At first, I admit, I thought he was a choo […]

9-Year-Old Snake Handler Krista Guarino

KRISTA: I’m never afraid of snakes, not even a little bit. I’m crazy for snakes. LAURA: I really don’t like them at all. they, they kinda freak me out. COMM: Most nine year old girls enjoy playing with dolls. But Kirsta Guarino from Michigan is one of a kind. She prefers snakes, and lives with […]

Baby Plays With Python

COMM: Seeing a Burmese python coiled around their baby would be a nightmare for most parents, but for snake handler Jamie Guarino, it’s simply a show of affection from a beloved family pet. Jamie: Alyssa, is that a snake? Are you playing with a snake?! COMM: And the father of three from Michigan, USA, is […]

Snake Eats Pet Dog

Somewhere inside this snake is the family dog, nothing more than an evening meal for the 16-foot long python in Queensland, Australia. He swallowed the beloved pet, a Terrier Chihuahua cross, in one go. Right in front of its owners, a boy and a girl aged 5 and 7 and their mother, who attempted in […]

Mystery Box Challenge: Snake Or Puppy

(puppy barking) – Alright, whatever animal is in my box, is it looking at my hand right now? (ominous thump)(upbeat music) – So today we’re gonna put our hands into boxes and one of the boxes has a puppy and one of the boxes has a snake. – I don’t know which is the reward. […]

Western Mud Snake

This is a mud snake. This is only the second one I’ve ever found. This is my first one in Missouri actually. And it’s a rare species here. Very large snake. Look how beautiful it is, the pattern, belly pattern. Feeds on aquatic salamanders mainly.>>They’re never known to bite and it is a semi-aquatic snake. […]

Ladder Snake (Rhinechis scalaris)

Ladder Snake (Rhinechis scalaris) searching refuge in the stony environment of south western Europe. Medium-sized snake averaging 120cm, reaching a maximum of around 160cm Diet of small mammals : mice, rabbits and shrews, but also the occasional spider, insect, or bird. To prey on birds the Ladder Snake will climb trees to search the nests. […]

Reptil TV – Technik – Holzdeko für Terrarien

Hello ReptilTV community. Today we have another technical episode Although nothing here looks technical at all, and it isn’t. We’ll talk about the decoration and all the wooden items, which you can have in your terrarium. I want to show you the items that are widely available, what they are suitable for and what they […]

Snake Bite to the FACE!

– [Voiceover] Action. – Well, Coyote Pack, I think it’s pretty safe to say that winter has set in in Ohio. And while it might be cold, that’s not gonna stop us from making an awesome Behind The Adventure. (tribal music) Welcome back, everyone. Wow, it is seriously cold out here today, like five degrees […]