Highly Evolved Leela creates shockingly direct opposite castling game vs Stockfish | Pirc Defence

Hi all, I have been recommended another amazing game to show you today Leela (Neural Network) again Stockfish (The No.1 Alpha Beta style engine) – this was in the chess com blitz bonanza final – five minutes with a two second increment. The opening book given to both – Leela playing with the white pieces […]

Highly evolved Leela creates wonderfully rare intriguing strategic opportunity from Sicilian Najdorf

Hi all. There are several very exciting new Leela chess games being played at TCEC Season 15 the Premier Division. This is at a 90 minutes with 5 second increment. This game really caught my attention against Komodo chess engine a very fierce engine that knocked out the mighty Stockfish in the TCEC cup. In […]

Alpha Zero finds shockingly secret novelty in highly evolved Giuoco Piano vs Stockfish 8 – Game 9

Hi all. Let’s continue our look at the amazing set of games which were sent to me by Deepmind recently an amazing set of 20 games this is game 9 e4 from stockfish 8 alpha zero played e5 Nf3 knight c6 Bishop c4 and Bishop c5 so Giuoco piano a sort of “school kids opening” […]

Highly Evolved Leela plays a wonderfully outrageous passed pawn campaign involving her own King

Hi all. I have an absolutely superb game to show you. This is to me my favorite game of the TCEC 2019 super finals so far. So it’s in rounds 36 Leela had just lost with the black pieces in round 35 in the highly topical Sicilian Najdorf. so we repeat the same opening with […]

Outrageous Artificial Intelligence: (Game 1) DeepMind’s AlphaZero crushes Stockfish Chess WC

Hi all. I have a very interesting game from the realms of computer chess to show – DeepMind which was the company that Google bought from Demis Hassabis who was actually by the way someone I knew from from school for a while who was himself a great chess enthusiast but he left Chess to […]

Highly Evolved Leela creates stunningly beautiful passed pawn immortal vs Stockfish || Trompovsky

Hi all, I have an absolutely phenomenal game to show you today. This is game 61 of the T6 season 15 super final. So Stockfish playing white against Leela. D4, Nf6 and we get Bg5, the trompowsky. So this opening is named after the one-time Brazilian champion Octavio Trompowsky, 1897 to 1984. He played it […]

Alphazero’s shortest loss to Stockfish | Shocking French Defence Classical secrets revealed

Hi all. I have an absolutely amazing chess game to show you. It is Stockfish eight playing with the white pieces against AlphaZero. It is from TCEC (Top Chess Engine Championship) conditions of TCEC start position and it’s actually shocking. AlphaZero has a total disaster in this game. It’s the shortest ever loss on record […]

Leela beautifully redefines the boundaries of the exchange sacrifice concept vs Stockfish

Hi all. I have another very interesting encounter to show you today Stockfish against Leela – this is in the chess com Winter Classic final which is 10 minutes with a 10 second increment so let’s see what happened. e4 from Stockfish the opening book given to them is in the classic Giuoco piano so […]

Stockfish reveals a secret shocking breakthrough move vs Leela chess (Modern Defence 2018)

Hi all, I have another fascinating encounter for you today. Stockfish the mighty number one engine in the world. He’s playing white this time against Leela in the Rabash, not rubbish, Rabash modern defense, sometimes known as modern defense. E4, g6, d4, Bg7, Nc3, c6 these are the opening book moves given to both and […]

Leela reacts beautifully with a remarkable Queen sacrifice vs. Stockfish in Four Knights Spanish

Hi all. We have some extra fun Leela games to go over from recently so the chess com computer championship the Blitz bonanza final five minutes with two second increments Round 10 – Stockfish had won the first stage to get to this final and is now playing against three neural networks and it’s gonna […]