Minecraft CommandStudio :: L’éditeur de command blocks

Hello everbody, this is Marcantouf and I’m back with a project on which I’ve spent a lot of time So how does it works? It’s a command block editing software that I wrote Myself It aims to simplify as much as possible the management of commands and mapmaking With this program we don’t have to […]

20 Stupid Mistakes I ALWAYS MAKE in Minecraft!

Hello, everyone. This is mumbo and welcome back to another Minecraft video and this one We’re going to take a look at twenty stupid mistakes that I often make while playing the game. Now for those of you that don’t know Not really the sharpest tool in the box to be honest with you, even […]

Fully Functional Chess in Vanilla Minecraft 1.8

Hello everyone, this is slicedlime talking Today I wanted to show you a Chess game that I’ve implemented in Vanilla Minecraft So this is based on command blocks and it’s a two-player game you can play it on a dedicated server or just open your game to LAN and inviting a friend to play You […]